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Rossignol Ski 2013

Written by Dan Morgan, Wednesday, 08 February 2012

With everyone focusing on skins, freeride, touring and (still) rocker, Rossignol buck the trend slightly by revamping their piste performance range. Enter the Pursuit range of piste carvers.

Rossignol Pursuit

The Pursuit 18 (or the Rossignol Pursuit 18 AR Ti Basalt to be precise about this particular ski). The tiniest hint of tip rocker is the only surprise in this 122-76-102 package for long turns with bags of grip. The Pursuit 18 has a 17.4m turn radius in a 170cm.

The Pursuit 16 is similar albeit capable of a tighter turn with a 15.1 radius in the 170cm (124-74-104).

Rossignol Squad 7

In Freeride, over the past few years Rossignol have given us the S7 and then the beefed up Super 7. Both great skis, which are more versatile than they should be. For 2013, Rossignol have gone even beefier with the Squad 7. Think Super 7 without the titanal but with a basalt and wood core. The Squad 7 (using Squad is a nice reminder of the Bandit pedigree) measures up at 145-120-126 in a single, 190cm length. The radius of the Squad 7, should you care given the rest of this ski is a shade over 29 m.

Reader Comments on Rossignol Ski 2013
Rossignol Ski 2013
Written by Taz on 02/29

Oh no why did Rossignol have to go and make my S7 versus Super 7 decision so hard for next year with the Squad 7! Leaning towards the Super 7 in a 188, so the 190 Squad 7 must contend.

Rather muted graphics this coming season I must say, not very Koopman at all.

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