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Volant Copper 79 2011

Volant Copper 79 2011

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Ski : Elan Boomerang Tbt 2014

Skier Height:5’8’
Skier Weight:150
Skier Ability:interm/exp
Ski length Tested:? unsure

Ski Review: hard charging, rides steep & deep trees as well as rip fresh cord.

Ski : Salomon 24 GT Pro 2012

Skier Height:176 cm
Skier Weight:81 kg
Skier Ability: intermediate +
Ski length Tested:165 cm

Ski Review: best on groomed piste, stable at medium speed, but the tail vibrates at turns on high speed. tested in Mayrhofen area.

Ski : K2 Burnin Luv 2011

Skier Height:5’3
Skier Weight:135
Skier Ability:intermediate
Ski length Tested:147

Ski Review:This is a wonderful ski.  Although short it holds a great edge on long radius turns and is very stable at fast speeds, 
Unfortunately I got a...

Ski : K2 T:9 Phat Luv 2008

Skier Height:5’6’
Skier Weight: 160
Skier Ability: Expert
Ski length Tested: 146 cm

Ski Review: Demoed in 2009.  Have purchased this Lady Luv ski three more times new on line.  Cannot find them anymore.  Mogul skier - 50 - 60 days a...

Ski : K2 A.M.P Rictor 2012

Skier Height: 5’ 7”
Skier Weight: 185
Skier Ability: Advanced
Ski length Tested: 160

Ski Review: excellent ski, affordable price, great on groomed and wooded trails.