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Disclaimer - ski reviews are subjective - nothing can substitute professional advice and an on ski demo. Bad or poor value skis are very rare. Skiers choosing and skiing the wrong skis is very common.

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Atomic Metron Beta 5 / B5 2005

Ski review by Jimmy Lee

Skier Height: 5’5”
Skier Weight:170
Skier Ability:Advanced
Ski length Tested:162

Ski Review: I bought these skis near 20 yrs ago while on the Mt. hood Ski Patrol in Oregon, USA. They have a different face than the ones you skied. Earlier model? Not sure but I think I got them earlier than 2006. I bought these at 54 yrs of age and they knocked...

Rossignol Radical 7Rsx Carbon 2014

Ski review by Evgeny

Do you have this on stock?
Rossignol Radical 7Rsx Carbon 2014 152 см
What is price ?

Salomon StreetRacer 8 2005

Ski review by Vincent

Skier Height: 1m82
Skier Weight: 90 kg
Skier Ability: advanced
Ski length Tested: 168 cm

Ski Review:
I accidentally bought these skis 2nd hand from the end of the rental season in 2007. These are still my most used skis in 2022. I have already tried many skis but for my style they are fantastic. I like fast cornering on the edges. They are not...

K2 Ikonic 84Ti 2020

Ski review by Brad

Skier Height: 6’3
Skier Weight: 260
Skier Ability: Advanced
Ski length Tested: 184

Ski Review:  Mine are the 2015 model, so maybe a bit different from today’s.  I skied them for a full 8:30AM - 4PM day on groomers and single-diamond runs for a clear day after 5” of snow.  It was packed but not icy.

I was an expert when I stopped skiing 15 years...

Fischer Progressor 800 2017

Ski review by Samir Kolonić

Skier Height:188cm
Skier Weight:85kg
Skier Ability:advanced
Ski length Tested:174

Ski Review: Excellent ski, very stable on higher speed, without vibrations.
Very easy to handle in short or long turns. Forgiving skier minor mistakes.

Wedze Xld 500 2019

Ski review by Martin Brandom

Skier Height: 180cm
Skier Weight:90kg
Skier Ability:Advanced intermediate
Ski length Tested:174

Ski Review:A fine bargain ski.
Light to carry and steer around the mountain.Handles smoothly in skidding and carving turns . Effortless and not tiring. Works well on the piste. Responsive in the turn both short and long just like a piste ski.It...

DPS Wailer F112 Rp 2021

Ski review by Craig

Skier Height: 6’ 1”
Skier Weight:185 lbs
Skier Ability: expert
Ski length Tested: 184cm

Ski Review: I use the F112rp for lift serviced terrain here at Vail.  90-110 sessions per season.  Boot: Dalbello Krypton 130 with Intuition tongue liner and mods. Preferred terrain: off-piste, pow, soft bumps.  On-piste: high edge angle carve turns on...

Kastle Mx98 2021

Ski review by Johan

Skier Height: 189 cm/ 6’4”
Skier Weight: 80 kg/176 lbs
Skier Ability: Advanced race oriented style gone backcountry
Ski length Tested: 187

Ski Review:
When all the terrain at the resort has been so thoroughly thrashed to bumps that everyone is lowering their speed and start to turn around the bumps, you will not have to on these. With these skis...

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