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Stomp with the Katal Landing Pad

Written by Dan Morgan, Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Our sister site Snowboard Review recently ran an article about a new type of airbag to help aspiring freestylers nail their tricks before risking life and limb.

The Katal landing pad is essentially an airbag but one which matches the landing angle and height of the actual kicker/table/jump landing area.

In the words of Katal’s Media Director Ryan Regehr, the landing pad "provides an environment for the rider to become confident with the trick, airtime and gain spatial awareness". So rather than dumping it onto a flat airbag, skiers hit the bag like they would the actual landing, allowing you to experience as close to a "real" experience as possible.

For more details and the full interview with Ryan Regehr head over to Snowboard Review.

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