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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

176 / 135-108-127 / 16.4
184 / 135-108-127 / 17.2
190 / 135-108-127 / 18

Manufacturer's Description

The Facelift isn’t just a lightweight touring ski which will push backcountry tours beyond their current threshold. It’s a tool for creative backcountry skiers to take their own vision of skiing to terrain that they could only imagine before.

Built with Amplid’s revolutionary Topless Construction and a featherweight BBP core, the Facelift cuts almost half a kilogram of weight from each ski Vs conventional ski construction. For a ski with 108mm of width underfoot and enough surface area to surf in deep snow, the Facelift literally flies up the skin track. To protect areas of the ski which are vulnerable to chipping during ascents, the Facelift utilizes Tanga Technology, a partial, almost weightless, hard-wearing topsheet.

In deep snow and playful terrain, the astounding Facelift truly comes alive.

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