Boheme Aspen 2010 Ski Review

Ski: Boheme Aspen (2010)
Ski discipline: Speed
Length (cm) / Dimension (tip-waist-tail - mm) / Radius (m):
150 / 116-69-95 / 13.5
168 / 120-70-98 / 14.5
178 / 123-72-100 / 16.2

Manufacturer’s Description of the Boheme Aspen:

"Aspen (new 2008). The multi-performance ski par excellence. A new category for Boheme who launch a total freedom ski this year. These skis preserve the unique Boheme spirit, handcrafted brand par excellence. Its shape and wooden construction makes it high-performance and stable in all types of snow. A ski that perform as well at giant slalom as it does on varied terrain. It retains high-performance, top of the range but playful ski. Aspen is the best compromise between pleasure and performance, it will accompany you in meeting your challenge head on."

Boheme Aspen

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