Fischer AMC 76 2006 Ski Review

A very different Fischer.  With the AMC 76, Fischer has created a ski that really does handle everything from deep powder to the icy or packed runs that we sometimes have to ski when mother nature is not co-operating. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Fischer, going back to the SL Super and even earlier models, but this ski deserves the attention of some talented players.

Fischer AMC 76 2006

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Model: AMC 76
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 182/? 176/17m, 170/16m164/15m, 158/?
Sidecut: 120-76-106
Length Tested: 170

Manufacturer’s Description:

“Wide carving ski for prepared slopes on- and off-piste action (50%/50%). With its innovative B-Magic design this 3D AirCarbon Titanium chassis will be an eye-catcher on any slope. The perfectly integrated Railflex2 ski plate binding system transfers energy instantaneously. The ideally-matched MX7 boot makes this a serious contender in all situations.

This ski can be taken anywhere and enjoyed everywhere. Don’t be concerned about being an Eastcoaster, Westcoaster, or from the Rockies, with 76mm under the foot and 17m radius in a 176cm, have a ball! Two sheets of titanium give this ski superior edge hold on the groomers and stability in the untracked.”

Ski-Review’s verdict:

I won’t take a lot of your time with long rants about the results of our extensive testing and how we put every ski we test through the proverbial "mill".  There are only 4 things you need to know about the Fischer AMC 76:

The AMC76 loves to cruise and do almost everything at higher speeds. This is a true All Mtn Expert ski that will make you want to get off the packed and the perfect corduroy, and take your skis on a vacation where they can “run free.”

The Fischer AMC 76 goes through anything, including broken up crust and late day crud and crap. The surprise is that they do it with such little effort.

The faster you ski them, the better (and lighter) they feel. Bring your best technique and they will do anything you ask of them. BUT, do bring your best technique.

What other companies wish their “All Mountain” ski could do.

Yes I loved the Fischer AMC 76, and my 200lbs was okay on the 170cm version. That only added to the fun, and versatility.

The 176 is a missile but lacks the agility of the 170. (obviously) So consider the consequences of "long can be wrong" with today’s incredible variety of shorter skis that perform brilliantly.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Fischer AMC 76 2006
Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 10/16

question:  what about a 5’9” female expert who weighs 120.  Are these going to be as great?  If so, what length?  Use for powder, backcountry, groomers, race course, etc.

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 10/22

lighter woman version.  damn 5’ 9” expert skier, hot!

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 11/09

I am purchasing the Bandit B2 but was introduced to the AMC 76.  Which is the better ski? any thoughts?

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 11/10

does anyone know if it has a small upturn at the tail like the B2s?  I know it’s not a full blown twin tip but it’s fun to be able to mess around in the park a bit.

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/15

What is the comparison of the AMC76 to the Nordica Hot Rod -Top Fuel?

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/19

My new Fischer AMC 76 are very vibrating while putting them on edge? Quite disapointed!

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/10

I see a lot of questions but don’t see a lot of people actuall owning them. I am leaning towards buying Rossi’s Z9’s and read review of Nordi HRTF but review were horrible on that one. I also considered amc 76 but i see not much interest here. Any cares to commont how this ski compares to rest i mentioned. I will also look into Atomics B9’s.

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/24

Get ‘em. They made all the difference on my latest ski trip. I’m 47, male, 6’, 190 lbs, and a hard skier. They did everything I could ask of them. I can’t comment on powder, since there wasn’t any, but the more I skied them, the happier I was. Short of tucking it from the top, as fast as I could ski them, these skis were rock solid. I used to straight-line it through the crud: not with these. Hit the crud at speed and do whatever you feel like doing—they’ll handle it. Edge grip? Oh yeah…drool. Dropped in on the iciest stuff I could find, and these things just sneered.

The only downside that I encountered with these skis was that after three days of hard skiing putting them through their paces, I could hardly walk. Literally. My hosts were very amused at the groans and winces as I hobbled around in the evening.

Thanks Caleb, and thanks Cross Country Sports of Houghton Michigan for putting me on a geat ride!

Tom Wright Durham, NC

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/28

I bought them , and are very happy, fast , light, wide, great edge hold , felt like I could slalom or giant at will, would highly recomend, bought 176 lenght, weight 175, 44 year old hard charging skier.

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/09

My search for a all mountain ski is over!  This ski is absolutely great for me and is responsible for my increased confidence and move from a terminal blue skier to expert and beyond. Excellent edge grip and fast tansitioning ski.  170cm - 71” @ 205 lbs

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/10

I demoe’d the Rossi B3, the Dynastar Legend 8000, Atomic Metron MEX and the Fischer AMC 76 this week one day on each ski and found the AMC 76 to be the most versatile of all three. It does everything that the other three specialize in. It was forgiving in 3 foot powder steep glades and held great on east coast ice.

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/11

rx8 or amc76?  east coast skier, but hoping to make it out west at some point.  ski lots of “hardpack”/ice and the corduroy.

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/25

I demoed Rossi B2 (2006 model), Rossi Z9’s and the AMC 76’s come out the winner. They have more edge control and are quick in moguls. Good at speed.  Great all round mountain ski.

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 04/12

Im about 200lbs expert and Ski all sorts of terrain including a bit of the bumps, not that I spend all day there but I’m after something I can push through some deep moguls if I want. How do they go here? Anyone tried them?

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 05/04

These are great skis. I ski Chamonix in France. Off piste powder, chunky cut up frozen snow, slush, hardpack wind blown. They do vibrate in mid turn on compact snow. The answer is not to lift your weight of the front off the skis as you carve, they are like a knife through butter if you load the front of the ski.

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 08/28

Has anyone ridden these in powder? How did they go? Was it easy to get get up high?

I rode these in our Aussie Elephant snot yesterday and I was mightily impressed. they are sleek, nimble, hugely maneuverable, and blasted right through the crap and crud. I got to the bottom of a run on Hotham and had 2 mates arrive after me, 1 said"Great set of Tram Tracks you left there” the other said"Well I’d say you really farkin hate those skis!”

I really just need to know how they perform in the deep stuff.

Cheers Doonks

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/31

In a deep powder, ice or damaged track they challenge you to give your best technique (even you are a beginner), then they give you the easiest allround skiing you cannot imagine. Love at first sight :) Just to add one more thing, try to test them on a track first, also I recommend RX8 (icebreakers:))

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/31

I replaced a set of 188cm Volkl P40F1 GS skis with 170cm AMC76’s. Just got a chance to try them out (I’m an aggressive, though ageing, 50 year old level 9 skier). GREAT grip on ice - better, unbelievably, than my P40’s. VERY lively, lots of pop, can turn unbelievably quickly. I could dance on these guys through bumps in a way that I never could before on any ski. Reminded me of the old Volkl Targas, but instead are much better at speed. At 6’1”, 230, I feel I maybe should have gone for the 176’s for better float and a bit longer turning radius, but I’m very happy with these. Don’t understand the old school/new school stuff, but I was on top of these skis at the very start - very easy to ski well. Like the diagonal heel release on the Railflex bindings - looks to be safe. Best skis I’ve ever skied!

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/26

I upgraded from Volkl V2 to AMC 76 and they are great skis. I am 172 cm 66 kg and my new AMC 76 164 cm made me improve my (already good) skiing level, tasting real carve for the first time. Great on ice as well as on wet snow bumps. I really don’t understand why they are not much appreciated in Italy.

Fischer AMC 76 2006
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/04

I am a 51 year old ex-racer/instructor. I’m 185 and 5’9”. My favorite all around skis of all time were Blizzard V20’s in a 205cm. I could ski anything with them. The problem is that there were delaminating. So, seeing the writing on the wall I started demoing different skis.  I really wasn’t impressed with what was out there. Most of the skis either were not lively enough or were too squirrely at higher speeds. I was recently in Salt Lake City with my son for a hockey tournament. After the tourney was over we planned to rent some boards and make a few turns in Brighton and Park City. I asked for a good all mtn ski that could handle high speed GS type turns. I was given the AMC76 in a 182cm. These skis did EVERYTHING that I asked them to do—and did it flawlessly. Hard pack, ice, powder, bumps—you name it—they were amazing. Upon renting the skis I was skeptical. After skiing them for 3 days I feel like I have found skiing Nirvana !!! Upon returning to the ski shop, I bought them instead of returning them. They are awesome skis, but still a little unstable when tracking completely straight. I have heard guys who are 6’1”, 230 who rant about their AMC76’s in 170cm. I don’t know if I would go that short.

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