Fischer Kehua 2007 Ski Review

Model: Fischer Kehua (2007)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 177/20
Sidecut: 127-92-115

Manufacturer’s Description of the Fischer Kehua:

"The best seller of the group as it accommodates so many styles of skiers. A small-framed big mountain skier would find comfort with these as well as the player in the park looking for a 177cm ski to throw down. Don’t discount this ski because of its size- it’s just as tough as all the rest!"

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Fischer Kehua 2007
Fischer Kehua 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 06/15

Skied this for a week in Austria this year. Plenty of powder about and conditions were perfect.

This ski does tip dive a bit with the mounting set centrally. So, for powder, put the mounting right back.

The side cut allows you to stomp the turns on the crud and groomers with confidence and easy.

Solid, light weight, fat enough - just - to make the powder fun. A go anywhere, do anything ski that stops just short of being branded anything more than “good.”

Fischer Kehua 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 11/27

Great all mountain ski.  As previously mentioned it is a little narrow on the deepest powder and it is a slight bit jittery at very high speeds, but outside of that this ski is amazing.

It is very quick and playful.  It seems eager to dive in to just about anything.  Terrific in the woods and the bumps but it still holds and edge well on hardpack. 

Highly recommended.

Fischer has changed the name of this ski to The Misfit but it is identical to the Kehua in the 177 format.

Fischer Kehua 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/19

This ski is just not that good. Even with the bindings set well back from centre (which I did form the off) they tip dive like crazy.

Far too much sidecut.

Too thin.

Good if you want to jam short radius turns all day but too flexible to allow you confidence at speed.

Wrong on so many levels. Why did I buy this ski?!

Fischer Kehua 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/14

Bought this ski at a killer closeout price to replace my aging Volkl Snow Rangers for powder.  It was recommended by a couple of friends working at the local mountain, that demo most all of the skis.   Tried them for the first time this past monster Sierra storm over the New Year’s week.  Wow!  Not only are they nice in the powder, they are surprisingly quick on the groomed.  They can tip dive a little in the deepest and thickest stuff, if you don’t watch your balance, but I found them easy to handle.  I guess I could have the bindings mounted more rearward, but I don’t want to compromise the groomed/crud performance.   I tried them again this past weekend in the heavy, remaining thick stuff and crusty refrozen snow as well.  Still outstanding!  Just blew through it all with ease, then snapped quick (relatively) turns in the chopped bumps.  They even allowed me to easily navigate some frozen bumps with relative ease.   I keep wanting to take out my Apache Recons, but I am having so much fun with the Kehua’s that I can’t bring myself to switch!

For my skiing style and the areas I ski, these have been a great purchase.

Fischer Kehua 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/30

Just had my first day out on these. IMPRESSED! More so because I paid 275 Euros including bindings - I chose them over the Nordica Enforcer because of above comments and I didn’t like the thinness of the Nordica edges. I skied on icy blue and red runs (red and black diamond in America) and they did everything I wanted - straight line, tight grippy turns, long carves and air.  In the air they were stable and the receptions great. Can’t wait to ski powder if we get any this year. I’m 5foot8inches and weigh 80kgs (12 stone) and am expert level.

Fischer Kehua 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/05

Do you have any recommendation for mounting position? I’ll be skiing 50/25/25 offpiste/park/piste.

Fischer Kehua 2007
Written by hermon on 02/14

Put them as centered as you can by the plate. They fill sweat on that way, I had them all threw last season.

Fischer Kehua 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/05

more by luck than judegement I got a rental binding and fixing plate - Nx11 demo - although new. I can move the centre point backwards and forwards depeding on conditions.  Might be worth considering….

Fischer Kehua 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 09/07

I have only bought fishers for the past 4 pairs of skis.  I have been watch the Kenhua for the past few seasons at Colorado Ski & Golf.  Just picked up a pair for $299.  Can’t wait for the season to start.

Fischer Kehua 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 10/10

I have been big mountain skiing for 15 years and have skied several fat-ski models.  The kehua is by far the highest performance while also maintaining firm all mountain capability when you are not in the powder.  I am very impressed by the skis magnificent sidecut, because Fischer truely pinned the measurements perfectly for a fat ski to handle correctly and ample stability even on ice.  This is due to it’s super rigid torsional flex properties and it’s invincible sandwhich constuction woodcore with carbon fiber laminate.  If you think this ski tip dives, it’s either because you should be on a longer model, because you need to step on the gas and take a more aggressive decent, or because the canting of your boots are angled for “old-man” position and you stand up way too far forward on your skis for powder riding.  I weigh 175 and ski the 177 cm model with the bindings centered for Park and Pipe performance, and I still have perfect float in the steep and deep.  I ride aggressively on all terrain and I love how responsive and precise the Kehua handles.  It delivers rich rebound for a fat-ski and if you know how to ski it as fischer intended it to be used, you’ll understand why the skis’ lineup won 18 magazine awards in 2007.

Fischer Kehua 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 10/10

I say that the Kehua rides 10 times better than the Salomon Pocket Rockets because the pocket rockets just washout after turns and are way too forgiving, while the Kehuas rip it up pro-style with a firm flexing tail.

Fischer Kehua 2007
Written by rupp on 05/13

Skier Height:  6 ft Skier Weight:  157 Skier Ability:  adv Ski length Tested:  180

Ski Review:  I started using these for ski school work after finding them 2nd hand at a shop….and I was kind of surprised by how—-even though they felt noodly in my hands——they still held up okay on variable all-mtn conditions. I was able to use them for all-around work conditions, day in, day out, with very little to complain about except that a longer version would have been better on ‘severe’ hardpack. (Maybe a 185 or 188)

I would be super-psyched to use them for telemark, since they are fairly light and do nicely in untracked backcountry conditions.

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