Fischer RC4 Race RC Pro RF SP 2009 Ski Review

Brand: Fischer
Ski: RC4 Race RC Pro RF SP (2009)
Ski discipline: All mountain
Length(s): 160, 165, 170, 175, 180
Radius: 17
Sidecut(s) (tip-waist-tail): 109-69-96

Manufacturer’s Description of the Fischer RC4 Race RC Pro RF SP:

"For winners. Giant Slalom Ski, based on racing requirements even on the hardest slopes."

Fischer Race Rc

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Fischer RC4 Race RC Pro RF SP 2009
Fischer RC4 Race RC Pro RF SP 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/17

I rented some of these RC4 Race RC last year in Austria (of course) I took them because the Austrian ski team had just won some events with them in Canada so I thought it’d be rude not too. I’m 6’3, 220 pounds and a pretty fair skier. The down side is these are way too heavy and stiff to slalom around moguls. The up side is they’re so stable you can just go straight over the top of them! Conditions were warm with ice at the top and very heavy slush at the bottom. What ever the conditions these just went down fast! High speed turns were heavy on the legs and low speed turns were even heavier but I didn’t get flipped slipped or high sided once. If in doubt just aim for the ski bar and crouch! A very substantial ski, as uncompromising as a thouroubreed. If you’re a good skier already and want to thrash some groomers at Mach 10 these are for you!

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