Goode Carbon 74 2005 Ski Review

The highest Flex/torsion ratio of any ski available and only 975 grams each. Translated; that is to say soft flexing with strong torsional rigidity and incredibly lightweight.

Goode Carbon 74

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Model: Fujative
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 154/12 164/14 174/16 184/18
Sidecut : 117-74-103 117-74-103 118-74-102 119-74-101

Manufacturer’s Description:

"ALL-MOUNTAIN AND MIXED SNOW SKIING WITH THE ABILITY TO SKI OFF GROOMED TRAILS (OFF-PISTE) - The C74 was designed to fill a gap between the C68 and C82. When I first skied the C74 I was surprised how well it carved, yet how well it skied off groomed trails (off-piste). If I skied primarily on groomed trails and had only one pair of skis to ski in the Western Mountains of North America, I would choose the C74. It is an "All-Mountain" shaped ski with a parabolic, hourglass sidecut for great "All-Mountain" performance, carving, and the ability to venture off piste."

Ski-Review’s verdict:

Curiosity finally got the better of me and knowing how well Goode water skis perform, I was eager to ski their Alpine products.

Impressive, is the perfect word to describe this ski. No other ski feels like the Goode.

The first thing one notices is the weight, or lack thereof. Pick them up and they weigh about as much as a pair of bindings. The flex is surprisingly soft resulting in some very sudden turns until one learns restraint.

They react to subtle input much like Dynastar’s Omeglass slalom ski. That is not to say that the Goode 74 is a race ski, but rather that the Goode does not respond to gross movements or brute force.

Very easy to control and turn shapes are as diverse as the skier can imagine. Think "turn" and it happens. No effort and surprisingly stable. While they are pricey, the feel is so unique that unless you ski a pair, there is no way you can imagine how different they feel. Sorry, but I have to say it. They actually feel ‘Goode’.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Goode Carbon 74 2005
Goode Carbon 74 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 09/13

If anybody has ride GOODE CARBON 82 or 95 off piste ? I’d like to hear some comments how they perform as a freeride skis.

thanks, przemek

Goode Carbon 74 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/11

Have a pair of C82’s with Fritschi FR bindings for backcountry..awesome, very lite for touring, requires lite touch, not for ham-fisted chargers but have great edge-hold, versatile. Have ordered C95’s also but have not tried them yet

Goode Carbon 74 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/27

Have only ski’d them on piste and just off the edges so far.  Initally I found the lightness a bit weird, felt like there was less ski there. Once I completed a couple of runs found they had incredible edge grip on the steeper stuff and were really agile.  Now lets find some powder.  Loving them so far.

Goode Carbon 74 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/20

I bought the 82s last spring and gave them the full freeride test at Andermatt in powder conditions.  They performed spectacularly.  However, I don’t recommend this ski for hardpack or crusty conditions.  It is too light to hold an edge well on ice and doesn’t blast through crud that well.  However, they rock for soft conditions, which is what I’m usually skiing when I ski in the backcountry anyways.  I have them set up with a Dynafit binding.  You should see people’s faces when they lift them up; it is usually one of astonishment.  They excel in deep snow.

I liked the Goodes so much that I just ordered 95s that I’ll mount with D/H bindings for heli- and cat-skiing.

Goode Carbon 74 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 04/17

I’m 16 years old, and am a good skier, who loves powder, double-black diamonds, and backcountry. Would the C74’s be a good choice? or do you have any other suggestions?

Goode Carbon 74 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 07/08

I have the Goode 95. Skied them in West coast powder and East coast groomers. They ski like a GS ski on the groomers. They are very fast edge to edge. But once on edge they carve a GS turn.

Now in the powder they are incredible! Quick turns. Light. Easy on the shoulders when climbing.

If you want a ski that puts a smile on your face during powder days, then go with the 95. Plus they can carve back to a lift.

Goode Carbon 74 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/26

To all the naysayers who “predict” poor performance based on perception of light=easily deflected or somehow insubstantial: You obviously have NOT skied these! I purposely demo’ed these on a cookie-laden “typical” eastern day—gray, frozen, cookies and hardpack.  I expected a good laugh, but was absolutely flabbergasted:  I could do no wrong on these things!  I have never had such a wonderful, confidence-inspiring experience.  The C74s were agile and stable. Apparently, the soft fore-aft flex, rather than being deflected, simply “gave” a bit, like a shock absorber,  then immediately resumed track, unperturbed.  Meanwhile, the very stiff torsional flex bit ito the hardpack lke a cop on a doughnut, and simply refused to wash out, period.  The one thing I did notice was a very slight, almost single chatter when changing edges on hardpack, which immediately stopped, once the new edge engaged.  Supposedly, even this is ironed out, in the 2008 ski (I demo’ed a 2007 model), with addition of a small dampener just forward of the binding.  Phenomenal ski—as earlier reviews noted, you have to ski them to believe that they work this well!

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