Goode Monstro 2007 Ski Review

Model: Goode Monstro (2007)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 176/37 186/41
Sidecut: 135-120-125 (176) / 136-120-127 (186)

Manufacturer’s Description of the Goode Monstro:

"BIG MOUNTAIN, POWDER, HELICOPTER, CAT SKIING - The MONSTRO is a "Super-Wide" ski designed for powder snow conditions. The large surface area gives you an incredible "float" across the snow. The unique "swallow-tail" design gives the MONSTRO a long edge length but reduces the surface area in the tail, keeping the tip high. Like its big brother, the SCOOP, the MONSTRO has a "reverse cambered"  tip.  When I first tried the it, I was impressed how well it turned for a big ski. The MONSTRO is effortless to ski."

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Goode Monstro 2007
Goode Monstro 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 06/20

looks something like the db tabla rasa. Goode= theif.

Goode Monstro 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/06

Today, I had the chance to ski the Goode Montro at SnowBasin in conditions ranging from 18” of fresh powder, to crud, moguls, cat tracks, and groomers. By the way, a pair of the Montro?s weighs in at only 6 lbs. Wow! What a ski. With 120 MM underfoot they power thru pow and crud with amazing ease. For a wide ski, they screamed thru moguls. Their light wieght makes a huge difference in swing weight and I was able to whip the skis into the next bump with ease. They handle traverses and cat tracks great. On groomers they were very smooth and stable, but, because these skis have very little side cut, don’t expect them to carve a turn like a shaped ski. Of course, they weren’t meant for groomers. I have been shopping around for a light weight fat ski to use in the backcountry. I have tried many of the skis discussed in TGR Forum that were mentioned as comparable to the Goode and I have to say, the weight advantage of the Goode is impressive. The Montros weigh only 5.6 lbs. The shape is nearly perfect for backcountry with a relaxed camber on the tip, and a flat middle and tail. I was surprised at the power of this ski, and it easily handled some very fast descents thru some huge crud piles with no bucking and hooking. During the start of a long bootpack, I was chatting with a couple young guys carrying some similarly sized fat skis. I mentioned how light these skis were. They were very curious so I let them compare. When they hefted their skis next to the Goodes their shocked reaction was quite humorous. It was even more fun when we got to the summit. Hey. I am 52 years old and I was able to rip down a tracked out powder hill and leave these young guys (who work in the ski industry) way behind. This ski definitely lets you open it up. To complete my testing, I also put skins on them to check out how they can climb, and I could really feel the difference in weight as I cut new tracks up a steep Powder run. To me, these are nearly perfect lightweight backcountry skis. They have the 120 mm waist that really increases the fun factor and provide versatility on the descents, which is why we go, right? Plus, they are very light, so we don’t have to wear out on the climbs. OK, so, after testing several other skis, I decided to purchase the Goodes. After all, they had the best feel, the lightest weight, and were the dimensions I was hoping for. Also, if you understand the Carbon and Torsion Box construction of these skis, you will understand how tough they really are. No, I do not work for Goode. But, I have spent a lot of time evaluating and studying. Also, I already have a nice quiver of skis including K2 Pontoons (Great for in-bounds powder skis, but too heavy and too much reverse camber for backcountry); 2 pair of Volkl Mantra’s (which at a 94mm waist are too narrow to take optimal advantage of the epic backcountry around Alta, and besides, they weigh 2 lbs more than the Goodes); I also have a pair of K2 Maiden AK’s (which like most skis, are heavier than I want for long backcountry days). I have been dreaming for a while about what a perfect ski would be, and the Goodes hit the mark. Happy Skiing.

Goode Monstro 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/31

As far as I know Goode was the actual manufacturer for DB; turning out OEM product is not the same as theft…

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