Hagan Ultra 76 2018 Ski Review

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Category: Touring

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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

148 / 112-76-99 / 16-18-19
155 / 112-76-99 / 16-18-19
163 / 112-76-99 / 16-18-19
170 / 112-76-99 / 16-18-19
177 / 112-76-99 / 16-18-19

Manufacturer's Description

You won’t be able to stop grinning while skiing the Ultra 76. The Ultra 76 delivers precisely what is expected from a high performance alpine touring ski – extreme grip, speed and agility. This is a real carving monster, unflinching in every turn – regardless of radii size. Designed for the most demanding applications of high-alpine mountaineers, the Ultra 76 is also perfect for pleasure seekers and all-rounders who enjoy swinging back and forth between piste and terrain. This nimble all-mountain ski feels at home both on the slopes and in variable terrain. The light tour rocker ensures good lift and supports the initiation of quick turns. Carbon stringers run from tip to tail to help reduce chatter and provide a smooth flex. In short, the Ultra 76 is a terrific ski for people who love to go fast. With this performance rocket you get uphill fast and bomb any slope with ease, turning every ski day into a pleasure day. If you ever slow down, the classy, understated graphic design of the Ultra 76 is a real eye catcher on the piste or après-ski.

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