Head Chip Monster 2009 Ski Review

Brand: Head
Ski: Chip Monster (2009)
Ski discipline: Terrain versatile, piste, off-piste
Length(s): 165, 171, 177, 183
Radius: 14.6 @ 171
Sidecut(s) (tip-waist-tail): 124-78-110

Manufacturer’s Description of the Head Chip Monster:

"Speeding with this baby is CO≤-neutral."

Head Chipmonster

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Head Chip Monster 2009
Head Chip Monster 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/11

This ski is amazing a must try great on the steep stuff.

Head Chip Monster 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/21

Excellent ski, a light feel for an all mountain ski which lends confidence in moguls and couloirs but still has a sense of stability and grip on steep and icy terrain.

Not a massive amount of float off piste but an acceptable sacrifice for a far superior on-piste ski than most all mountains while still retaining enough float for off piste when you want it.

Head Chip Monster 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/24

while i must agree these are awesome skis, I wouldn’t consider them a great” all mountain” ski. These are fairly heavy fast GS carvers, that CAN do it all but certainly excel at going fast with stability. In the bush they were a tad heavy for me and since they like going so fast they didn’t leave me much time to get them around. I do own a pair a really love what they do, but I think if your looking for a better all mountain, the straight up 78’s might cover the bases a little more

Head Chip Monster 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/24

Just got a pair and love ‘em!  I am an a strong advanced skier who likes to ski double diamonds as well as tearing up the groomers.  I used to ski salomon Hots ( which I loved).  These are heavier than the hots but are more stable.  These are awesome skis in the crud and respond very well on the groomers (excellent rail to rail and carving at high speed).  They are not as easy to throw around in the steeps (due to their weight) but I am learning to ski them the way they want to be ski’d and love them more every day.  They are somewhat forgiving but reward good technique and aggressiveness.  When I am tired at the end of the day, I can ride these skis without much effort.  These skis make rough crud conditions effortless!

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