Head I.XRC 800 2007 Ski Review

Model: Head I.XRC 800 (2007)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 149/? 156/? 163/? 170/? 177/14.4
Sidecut: 119-69-105

Manufacturer’s Description of the Head I.XRC 800:

"A sports car with true everyday versatility. Caution: Liquidmetal may accelerate your metabolism. For advanced and expert riders ready to challenge the entire mountain."

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Head I.XRC 800 2007
Head I.XRC 800 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/06

This is not a long term test. These are first impressions of newly mounted 2006-07 Head I.XRC 800 skis. 170 length. Factory tune I’ve been told is 1 degree base bevel, 0 or 90 side. If you ski mostly on paced snow and groomers, the side edge would need to be repositioned eventually imo. I liked that these feel light, but don’t seem to get deflected around on the hill. I kind of got the impression these were geared to go a little slower than the XRC 1200 & chip models, although that could probably remedy itself with repeated hot waxing. The 800 turned easily and was stable underfoot. I would recommend skiing it short if you ski in the midwest, although longer lengths would be great in the mountains. It maybe felt a little long, although still did turn short when asked to. I think the 800 could pan out as an excellent all terrain ski, or great if you are out knocking around with family and friends, and need to tone it down some from your race skis. There is excellent “street” or discounted pricing to be had on the XRC 800 so it merits consideration versus the top of the line Head XRCs. Competitor wise… it would probably stack up well versus the Fischer RX6 by virtues of both contstruction and the Tyrolia rail system bindings…

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