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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

146 / 116–67–100 / -
152 / 116–67–100 / -
158 / 116–67–100 / -
164 / 116–67–100 / -
170 / 116–67–100 / 14
176 / 116–67–100 / -

Manufacturer's Description

This is the best edge grip available. The magic word is Torque Turning Technology: Combining torsional stiffness (= edge hold) with a softer longitudinal flex (= easy handling). For good skiers on groomed slopes. Features Power Carbon Jacket and PowerRail.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Head Icon TT 40.0 2011
Head Icon TT 40.0 2011
Written by Paul Cravwn on 02/15

Skier Height:1.82 Skier Weight: 90kgs Skier Ability: good intermediate Ski length Tested: 170

Ski Review: Having been given a terrible pair of skis from a rental shop I returned and asked for something better. They dragged out a pair that looked like they had just been pulled out of a skip! No! No! No! I said, give me something that isn’t 15 years old. Disgruntled, he went “round the back” and returned with a shimmering blue pair of HEAD TT40’s. They will do I said as they were clearly at least five years younger than anything that was on display. Wow, is the only word. I am not a bad skier and have tried many skis, but these were so responsive and easy to control that I felt I had just improved dramatically. Sharper more fluent turns and great speed too. I’m going to buy myself a pair so i don’t have the rental disappointment again.

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