Head Mojo 80 2007 Ski Review

Model: Head Mojo 80 (2007)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 163/? 172/18.9 181/?
Sidecut: 112-79-106

Manufacturer’s Description of the Head Mojo 80:

"Freeskiing demands a lot from a ski: A solid edge approaching the kicker, enough width and a balanced fl ex for big landings, and a construction that will survive the rails. This is Jon Olsson’s choice in pipe, park and beyond."

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Head Mojo 80 2007
Head Mojo 80 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 11/27

I am looking for a good all round ski to do a bit of everything and am considering the Mojo. Has anyone skied this ski so they can tell me what they think?

Head Mojo 80 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/28

I am considering the Mojo 80.  My shop let me use a pair of Madtrix as they did not have a Mojo to demo.  Skied the Mojo, Salomon Blast, Rossignol MaryJane and Rossignol B3 all in the same day.  The Mojo is my top pick followed by the MaryJane which is the same ski as the Rossignol Sprayer FS.

Loved the ski and will plunking down the green tomorrow. Felt like I was cheating in the bumps, worked well in everything I skied including powder.  However at higher speeds you gotta keep your feet together or the skis will wander in opposite directions.

Head Mojo 80 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/29

On the advice of every specialty ski shop I visited, I bought the Mojo 90, the slightly fatter version of the 80, and if they ride anything alike, you’d be dumb not to buy this ski.

Head Mojo 80 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 09/12

i bought these bad boys last year and love ‘em, first of all there fairly good at everything even tho it isnt as wide as a lot of all mountain skis it can do anything depending on your level of skiing, bare in mind it is a park ski and made to do FS skiing so if you want it to bomb groomers you can find better but nonetheless its indestructable, durable, firm, and i give it a 10/10

Head Mojo 80 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 11/17

These are truly THE all-mountain skis.  If you look on the HEAD website, they are under the freestyle section (park and pipe), but, this is very misleading.  These skis are great in all conditions.  In powder, they sail with comfort.  In moguls, they turn with precision.  In the groomed stuff, its very easy to bite into the snow and carve.  They are really amazing skis.  I am actually not a pipe skier at all, but, nonetheless, they are some of the greatest skis i’ve ever owned.  I bought the 2006 pair, and then, because i liked them so much and wanted to be sure they’d last me a long time, bought a 2007 pair slightly longer.  I couldn’t be happier with them.

Head Mojo 80 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/16

I got a pair of the mojo 80’s from a year ago. These skiis are awsome. they work well on the local groomers and are incredibly agile in the park. However if you plan or skiing any pow I would recommend the mojo 90. This skis has a tendency to sink rather than float. I love this ski but for pow i definately recommend something with a bigger sidecut.

Head Mojo 80 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/04

Just came back from a weeks skiing with these bad boys, and I would definitely recommend them as they’re a pair of versatile and fun skis (and I love the discreet-ish design too).

I’m a hard carver on the piste, and I felt I had at least 90% grip compared to a pair of pure carver skis. This, plus the fact that they’re superior off piste + the park (obviously) makes them a great pair of skis for the all-rounder (a little bit of piste, off piste and park).

The only thing I would say is that they’re very stiff for being freestyle skis, so bear this in mind if you’re used to skis with a lot of flex (e.g. Rossignol Scratch).

Head Mojo 80 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/20

The mojo 80’s are an awesome ski and all, but in the park they are a little weak within construction wise… They get beat up really easily and scratch and crack like no other.. for some off reason with this ski the tips on both the skis in the front cracked from left to right weirdest thing i ever seen..but putting aside the scratches and cracking this is an awesome ski

Head Mojo 80 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 09/21

they rock my rocking socks out of this rocking world and into the rocking universe they ROCK on rocks duuuuuude

Head Mojo 80 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 10/01

first off, this is not an easy ski to ski well. mainly because of how hard it is to flex. you would be an idiot if you bought this as an all mountain ski, its 80 underfoot….even the 90 would be a dumb choice as an all mountain ski compared to whats out there now. how ever if your experience in park and go big its a bomber ski, you will NOT break this ski. i promise on the bottom of my heart if you break this you will either be dead, or severely injured in the ER.

Head Mojo 80 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/07

The Mojo is a good choice. Yet I am going to have to agree with the other man about weak construction.. Both my tips cracked left to right and the top sheet is cracking and coming off everywhere… It has good flex the ski its not hard..  I like these skis going down but they get beat up so easily… I thought they were gonna last me longer but they are already falling apart… If your straight park these skis will get beat up..

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