Head Monster I.M 72 SRF 6 2007 Ski Review

Model: Head Monster I.M 72 SRF 6 (2007)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 149/? 156/? 163/? 170/15.3 177/?
Sidecut: 117-72-102

Manufacturer’s Description of the Head Monster I.M 72 SRF 6:

"This Monster eats it all with true all-mountain freeride performance: Speed and agility both on the groomed and in pow. For advanced and expert skiers with a 50/50 powder to piste ratio."

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Head Monster I.M 72 SRF 6 2007
Head Monster I.M 72 SRF 6 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/20

I’ve had the chance to use these skis on conditions from icy hard pack to chopped up crud to 10 inches of soft powder.  They do everything well.  I am an aggressive skier - and they let me ski as fast as I want, yet turn easily at slow speeds.  I was especially impressed with their powder performance.  They provide more float than I expected for their waist width.  I can make long or short turns and they even work pretty well in bumps.  A great ski.  I ski the 177 - I weigh about 200lbs.  Highly recommended.

Head Monster I.M 72 SRF 6 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/26

hi nice ski

Head Monster I.M 72 SRF 6 2007
Written by Herman Kovacs on 02/01

I wish to comment on the Head Monster. 2007, IM72 in 163 length.  I have been teaching skiing for the past 20 years and I am considered an expert skier and ski around 80 to 90 days a season.  I am 5’7” and 165 lbs.  Over the years I have skied on a variety of makes and length of skis.  Four years ago I bought the IM72 in 163 cm length so I have had four years of experience on these skis in all kinds of conditions—groomed, crud, icy, steeps, powder, bumps, corn snow, etc.  When I teach, I often don’t know, at the start of the lesson,  what level of skier I will be teaching or into what terrain and conditions I will be taking them.  When I take these IM72 out, I have no hesitation as to where I will be skiing.  They do everything I ask them to do and more. 

I also have a pair of Head XRC 1400 in 163 cm length with the chip.  They have a radius of 13 and the more I set them over on edge, the tighter the turns become.  And I simply go along for a smooth and exciting carving ride.  It is a most awesome feeling.

The IM72 have a turning radius of 14 and, although not as quick turning as my 1400, they turn extremely quick when skied correctly from edge to edge, and the edge hold is phenomenal.  They have a quick rebound and are quite stiff torsionally also.

Although I have tried other brands of skis in the past two years, I haven’t found another ski that could do everything I want as a ski instructor.  So, I have been searching for another pair of IM72 and I finally found a new pair in my length in Maine. 

If anyone would like to correspond with me about these skis, I would be happy to chat with them

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