Head Monster I.M 77 SRF 6 2007 Ski Review

Model: Head Monster I.M 77 SRF 6 (2007)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 156/? 163/? 170/16.5 177/? 181/?
Sidecut: 119-77-104

Manufacturer’s Description of the Head Monster I.M 77 SRF 6:

"Riders looking for a powder gun with solid performance on hardpack. For advanced and expert skiers with a 60/40 powder to piste ratio."

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Head Monster I.M 77 SRF 6 2007
Head Monster I.M 77 SRF 6 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/18

Tried 3 different skis in total (Monster 77, Atomic B5, and Bandit B2). The guy at the demo was all the sugar about these. I thought - hmmm…usual salesman practice. Besides I never thought seriously about Head. But this day they didn?t have Zenith 9, so I decided to try these. And I must say, it was definitely a pleasant surprise to me that day. Stable, responsive, just perfect shaped turns to my taste. I?m a freeride/off-piste advanced skier, but I had lots of fun going on crud, hardpack, grooms and bumps that day with this pair. Couldn?t try them in powder that day, because of absence of it, but with that advertised ?60/40 powder to piste ratio? I can only drool about how it would be taking those into powder. Again ? never thought seriously about Head, but now ? even thinking of probably getting one of those mountain Cadillacs!

Head Monster I.M 77 SRF 6 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/20

i bought these off the internet purely down to an awesome sale.. im an aggressive 3+ skiier with a desire for speed. These skis are extremely stable, very fast and all in all a very very good ski for aggressive skiers. I worked in a ski rental shop for the past season and compared them to the likes of the rossi bandits. compared to bandit b2’s they have that extra 6th gear. The bandits were easier to use in turns but not as fast or stable. The only downside i can think of is they are on the heavier side but theyre not a park ski so thats ok :)

Head Monster I.M 77 SRF 6 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/16

I just bought a pair of these. I was skiing on Salomon X Screams for several years[I loved them] but they went dead.  I did not have time to demo new skis.  I bought these and am so glad that I did.  I just spent 5 days in Utah with both pack and powder.  These skis performed marvelously in both.  They also were great in the bumps!  They can be both slalom and GS.  I am 56, 6’1” 195 and have 50 years of skiing.  I can’t believe I got something so good and versatile for the money!

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