Head Monster iM 82 2009 Ski Review

Brand: Head
Ski: Monster iM 82 (2009)
Ski discipline: Terrain powder open bowls
Length(s): 161, 172, 177, 183
Radius: 17.7 @ 172
Sidecut(s) (tip-waist-tail): 122-82-108 @ 172

Manufacturer’s Description of the Head Monster iM 82:

"Wide all-mountain ski, slightly twin-tipped for those about to rock it switch."

Head MonsteriM82

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Head Monster iM 82 2009
Head Monster iM 82 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 11/17

thats what they put on your face. they actually made me giggle to myself. lay them out and carve or dig into the crud, light and easy to toss around. powder crud and bumps. wana carve harder they could need a riser plate but that would take away from the rest of the ski. most fun ski for my style. probably a too soft for high speed hard packed carving (race style)

Head Monster iM 82 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/28

friendly-feeling ski! I tested it in packed powder/crud/shallow powder at Jackson Hole. Coped with everything including fast blast on final piste.

Head Monster iM 82 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/05

I demo’d a pair of these at Heavenly when they had just gotten 4-6 inches of fresh powder.  Skied everything from the groomers to the trees to Gunbarrel.  They blew my mind!!  I could lean them so far over on the groomers I was easily touching my gloves to the ground.  A little extra push to the forefoot and they dug in harder and just ripped through the turns.  Took them to the trees and they slinked through the powder and and trees so easily.  Gunbarrel, something like a thousand vertical feet of steep moguls and they didn’t flinch.  Can’t wait to get my legs back in shape so I can really hustle them around.  I have demo’d some other skis recently and contemplated buying them but after one day on these I bought a pair.  The only downside is I can’t get back to Lake Tahoe for another two weeks.

Head Monster iM 82 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/02

Compared these to the Wateas and the Vollkl AC 50’s.  Skied them on fresh powder at Big sky on the liberty bowl with about 6-10 inches for fresh powder.. They worked very well, Probably not as well as the Wateas but that is where the comparison ends.  Get them on the flats or the crud, where we actually ski most of the time and the Monster 82’s deliver.  carving was effortless where the Wateas kept washing out if didn’t focus.  Through the bumps and trees of the Congo run at big sky the Heads were very easy to turn and at speed going down hangman the skis were rock solid….The Volkl’s were a close second for speed.  I am now the proud owner of a new set.  Can wait to get them back home to the east coast to check them on super hard (read :Ice) pack.

Head Monster iM 82 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/13

I own a pair I got off of ebay.  With a season behind me I can tell you that this is a great all mountain ski. I will do hard carving if you angulate enough to get them up on edge. I skied hard pack at Stowe with no problem, minimal wash out.  I did Coopers back bowls with chop and about eight inches of fresh and bumps no big deal easy to turn and great for an all mountain. But don’t kid yourself theses are not heli skis deep snow and they will eventually sink and you will be working them to stay bouncing in a turn the old powder way.  For resort skiing this is the ski.  You really can do it all.  But all means it does everything well not the best.  You really rip groomers get a race ski, if you don’t spend anytime in the back bowls then get a more narrow all mountain that will give you the best ride. I have heli skied and resort skied for years and this is a great resort ski can do almost everything very well

Head Monster iM 82 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/18

Brought these skis with bindings for ?300 about a month ago and love them they are harder to carve on than the im78 (due to less radius) but the benefits are better handling off piste, moggles and park. Personally head could have made them slightly wider thorough out.

Head Monster iM 82 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 06/09

Got these 08 82 monsters and found them to be better as I went they cover all kinds of terrain and mold to the Skier at least that was my experiece with these… Darn Good Skiis

Head Monster iM 82 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 06/14

Spent the last 3 days trying a variety of demo skis.  In the end I purchased a set of the Monster 82.  Wow what a ski.  Handled everything I through at it damn well.  Found them very competent on the groomed runs and a pleasure off piste. Easy to turn.  Brilliant 50/50 ski.  Suggest they favor the off piste, crud, heavy & slushy snow more.

Head Monster iM 82 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 11/18

I bought the Monster 82 to tele on really on a vague recommendation from a friend that they were a good all round ski. That’s not true - they are a fantastic all round ski for every condition and every slope. They love to carve - even with tele bindings. They are so sure in powder and poor off piste snow. The only slight minus is that they are not light for touring but that’s a small disadvantage that I can live with. I would recommend them to anyone who skis pretty hard and fast anywhere.

Head Monster iM 82 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/21

I am 6’1 weight 165 Excellent Skier, have been skiing for over 10 years. I was considering 172 or 177?

Head Monster iM 82 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/15

The Head Monster 82mm skis are outstanding skis!  I’ve skiied them at Smuggler’s Notch where they performed very well in the trees, but since it wasn’t a powder weekend, these skis also performed so well on piste and the groomers! 

Though wider than a racing ski but not as wide as a strict-pow ski, you won’t go wrong with these skis.  They cut through moguls like butter, and are extremely forgiving (no problem going in the back-seat occasionally)

So, to sum it all up, a great ski!  Go with these skis over the Peak series, because of the liquid-metal tech. in the Monsters. 

Have fun!

Head Monster iM 82 2009
Written by andrew manley on 11/07

Bought a pair of Head Monsters Two years ago and im very satisfied with them and still am but would love a set of twin tips that can e used abit on peiste and off…. any sugestions

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