K2 Seth Pistol 2005 Ski Review

Part of the Factory series, nobody can deny that K2 hit the nail on the head when they envisaged this series in terms of notoriety.  Here we have the next incarnation of the K2 Seth Pistol.

Ski Review Brands

Model: Seth Pistol
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 169/? 179/? 189/24
Length Tested: 179cm

Manufacturer’s Description:

“God Save the Seth Pistol, who cares about the Queen? Seth’s instrument comes back retuned for 04/05 ready to strike a chord with angry punk anarchists who must DESTROY any terrain the mountain has to offer. The “pink is punk” sidewalls, loud graphics for each size, raw colors for each model, and in-your-face British anthem base scream Anarchy. Pick up the instrument, take the stage, and make Seth and the ski Bloody Proud!”

Ski-Review’s Verdict:

A very daring mix of sheer size and loud graphics make this ski one not to be missed on the slopes – simply put you could not miss a pair or even one even if you wanted to.  This ski has presence and bundles of the stuff.  The K2 Seth Pistol was created by Seth Morrison and named after his favourite band.

Personally I was quite in awe of the Line Flites’ but seeing these really took the biscuit tin.  Carrying these is no mean feat, even over one shoulder causes a sweat in no time walking on snow or not.

I did not get to ski on these until the end of the day and for a very short amount of time. They had just had a waxed and sharpened so my slalom race subconscious silently informed me these would be nice and quick.  Of course this is not the case – these skis have such a mammoth footprint (a mere 14 mm sidecut) that on wet snow you simply stop.

Considering the conditions (both in snow and time) in which I found myself it would not be fair to comment about performance of the Seth Pistols’.  So I invite those who have had the good fortune to try the new seasons model in favourable conditions to use the comments system just below to tell us what you think.


As notorious now as the ten eighties’ were in their first couple of seasons so maybe we have another benchmark prospect on our hands.  You tell us!

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Reader Ski Reviews of the K2 Seth Pistol 2005
K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/12

an awsome pair of skis, the 179s will suit most, thick edges will last on the rails. great base graphics stick it to the frogs in the park. Still soft but the tail has been stiffened slightly. Kepp you high n dry in the poweder and unbelievable for hucking cliffs

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/07

Tried these at 179 in Val d’Isere 3rd week Jan when it started snowing for 1st time in 3 weeks. Wasn’t enough snow to try deep but handled anything from powdery piste, livened up crud, fluffy moguls, jumps, hard pack. But the envious looks I got mean that once I try them in deep they will probably get bought. One concern is the weight once I start to hike with these on my pack.

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/09

I own a pair of K2 Public Enemy and Seth Pistols and I also own lots of Line Ski. I have a pair of Chronics, Mike Nicks, Eric Pollards and a pair of Assasins. My favorite all mountain and park skis are the Chronics. Looking for a bad ass all mountain park ski get the Chronics. I hit a lot of rails and with my K2s and they hold up pretty well but not as good as my Line Skis. Any way the point is that K2 is a good company but LIine is so much better. That’s just my opinion.

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/16

the sethy pistol’s rock! I don’t even know how to ski, but I dig them. They are the most powerful noodles I’ve ever skied on. But they are really wide, and I have a lot of trouble snowplowing. They are a steal at $50.00 a pair.

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/07

Does Seth Morrisson think he’s Sid Vicious or something?  It’s kind of sad when a pro skier as good as him has to steal the identity of a drugged up punk rocker from the seventies.  Especially a bass player who couldn’t even play the simple Sex pistol bass riffs well enough to record the songs himself.  Is Seth Morrison even from the UK?

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/31

Seth is a Yank. And he hucks these beauties like a Brit could only do in their dreams. I’ve had the pleasure of using my 189’s in the powder of St Anton and La Grave this year, the spring snow of Norway’s arctic circle last April and hard-pack in Cham and La Grave. Verdict: Not that heavy fitted with a Fritschi Freeride (for a big ski) and very capable of 1500 M skinning in good conditions. Not good in tight hard spots, but very fast and stable on good powder and corn. In fact they are awesome in powder and eat crud for breakfast. They are very easy to ski in reasonable conditions, and very easy to ski fast. Live fast (just like Sid) and die with a smile on your face.

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 04/25

The seth pistols are like most any high end ski they are only as good as the skier. Personally I ride the 189’s and couldnt be happier. They are a great ski if you are riding them for the right reason, being off piste, they are not a race ski. In response to the guy ripping on seth you obviously have no idea what you are talking about and should quit skiing and take up knitting!

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 08/03

If only i had a pair of seth pistols ive herd lots of great things about them but this year I bought a pair of k2 fugitives i hope i like them and the dude thats talking about seth morrison needs to shut up

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/09

I have skied the pistols for two years in a row and am now considering buying the K2 Apache Chief 2006 skis. I love the Pistols and they have served me super well but have heard great things about the K2 Apache series.

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/10

I am a newbie. But I will tell you what. I was skiing 2000 public enemies, and the DAY I rode these things, I became intermediate. they go places I wont, but somehow convince me to go there too. I havn’t riden ANY other ski except some Armada’s which where a few years old, but there was no compairison. Theses skis are amazing. They make a newbie, someone to be recon with on the hill. I know in two years I will laugh at myself for this posting, but I beat I still ride K2’s.

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/03

Yo i have wanted these skis for about 3 seasons. Well I was finally able to aford them and the wait was worth it. Great skis for Hucks, Deep sugar pow and even groomers (if thats your thing) Oh Dude rippin on Seth find a new hobby!

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/06

word to the guy talking about seth morrison shutting the fuck up

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/25

Firts I am not an awsome skier…I am an expert, but barely I guess.

I demo’d these in BIg Sky last week…and man did they make skiing bow easy. THey are not quick enough in the moguls…but you can take all but the biggest ones straight on.

I was more impressed with them in the deep pow of the Head Waters.

THey carve okay on groomers…sometimes they tend to skid a bit…but not as much as you would think.

I tried teh Volkly Gatama….and the seth’s are way more versitle. I tried the ROsi B4, and found those squirly in comparison.

So I bought them…they are going with me to Utah next week.

I also saw the 2007 graphcis here…but they suck.


K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 04/07

i love them they handle like a babe.  At high speeds they stay stable, in the park nice landing. i recomend buy them over any thing on the market

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 08/29

The Pistol are the best ski I’ve skied yet.  Fast, crud-eating, versatile planks that handle very easily…  Great for pinning your ears back on piste with big wide turns, float beautifully in the pow, and plenty of landing gear for hucks. I need a new pair, wondering if anyone knows how the Armada ARV compares to Seth. P.S That guy trashing Seth Morrison is a complete Turkey.  Get real chump.

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 10/29

Who wants a pair of K2’s? Go get yourself a pair of Armada skis.

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by xcjamie on 11/21

Great ski designed by Seth Morrison that rides well all over the mountain.  Very heavy.  Great in pow too at 95 waist and awesome graphics. overall a great ski.

K2 Seth Pistol gear review by ?xcjamie?

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/24

i’ve never ridden the seth pistols and the only skis ive had are 2003 line mavericks and k2 fugatives. the fugatives r a sick all montain ski and park ski so i suggest getting them. ive ridden scratch pros and chronics and they dont hold a candle to k2s.

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/26

Seriously.  Best things ever.  These are the first skis I have ever bought which have pushed me on.

K2 Seth Pistol 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/31

Hey guys, I am looking to buy a pair. I consider myself a very good almost an expert skier. I hit the park and the glades and everything in between. But I can not find these skis anywhere. Not in shops or on websites (that I have found) and I want a pair I have heard nothing but awesome stuff about them. I ski on the brand new K2 Public Enemy, I love these things but I have trashed them and its only the beginning of the year. So I am thinking I will limp through this year and get them next year. But I need to find somewhere to get them. Post me or email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)/*= 0)out += unescape(l[i].replace(/^\s\s*/, '&#'));while (--j >= 0)if (el[j].getAttribute('data-eeEncEmail_zTriFDECMw'))el[j].innerHTML = out;/*]]>*/.

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