Kastle Mx98 2021 Ski Review

Kastle Mx98 2021 ski image

Category: All Mountain

Level: Advanced / Expert

Camber type: Camber

Rocker type: Double Rocker

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Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

169 / /
178 / 137-98-120 / 20.9
187 / /

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Kastle Mx98 2021
Kastle Mx98 2021
Written by Johan on 04/15

Skier Height: 189 cm/ 6’4” Skier Weight: 80 kg/176 lbs Skier Ability: Advanced race oriented style gone backcountry Ski length Tested: 187

Ski Review: When all the terrain at the resort has been so thoroughly thrashed to bumps that everyone is lowering their speed and start to turn around the bumps, you will not have to on these. With these skis you can comfortably go about your business just as you would on fresh groomers. Put them on edge and dig a deep trench through it all rather than over it. It is true that these skis demand good boots and a good strong technique but if you got that and like to ski that way then this ski is the best “do it all” out there. The Blizzard Bonafide is in the same territory as the MX98 but after testing both I would say that the MX98 (21/22 model) is the better ski (and a hair lighter, though not light at all). It feels like these skis will do their thing in any snow condition and that is their strength. They are very strong carvers on groomed snow, same in 10” of windpacked snow from the day before and the same in thrashed groomers that has turned to moguls with some patches of ice in between. They will dig a confident trench through it. I’ve read reviews saying that these are not playful skis, that they don’t have as much “pop” or “smear” as other 95-100 mm skis do. I’m a very playful skier who likes to really explore the terrain in a variety of ways, going from powerful carves, transitioning to quick turns between obstacles and catching some air. These skis did it with ease. But if you are the type to wear boots that are more upright rather than forward leaning and tend to stand a little more upright or even hanging back and want to smear and pop (whatever that means) this is not the ski for you. If you have a strong style this ski will aid you through any terrain. The traditional boxed wall sandwich construction is not something new, but it seems that many of the best skis through the years have been build this way and so has the MX98. K√§stle has recognized a target and hit it well with this ski and I’m glad it’s out there.

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