Kastle MX 88 2009 Ski Review

Kastle is a ski name you may remember as being one of the racing greats in the nineties. Then they disappeared off the radar. Now, Kastle are back with some ex-Austrian racers as investors and a killer line up of team skiers.

Kastle MX 88

Ski Review Brands

Brand: Kastle
Ski: MX 88 (2008)
Ski discipline: Freeride
Length(s): 158-168-178-188
Radius: 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5
Sidecut(s) (tip-waist-tail): 128-88-113
Length tested: 178

Manufacturer’s Description of the Kastle MX 88:

"The MX88 is a true freeride ski with unrivaled power, stability and control to handle every imaginable condition on the mountain. The 88 mm waist and moderate sidecut guarantee fun in all mountain settings."

Ski-Review’s Verdict:

Skier stats = 170 cm, 70 kg. Skied since 4 plus 7 seasons. Easy rider.

Equipped with the MX 88, I headed off the lift and was just about to try a little bit of powder when I noticed a newly groomed black. I straightened them out, got a good bit of speed up and applied some pressure. Then I had to stop and double check I was actually on a ski with an 88mm waist. They turn hard and stay very stable.

So - back up to the powder, which by now was a tracked, cruddy nightmare. Typical, I knew I should have done the runs the other way round! Anyway, the conditions did not seem to worry the Kastle and actually, it was a lot of fun. Yes, fun; I generally ski some big fat long planks off piste and sometimes they are just too stable to the extent that if you want to muck about you need a different ski. The MX88 could put in some long GS turns and then dance down a tricky couloir like it was born there. I tried these on some very nasty crust and because they don’t need the aggressive technique of the big chargers they tend to stay on top.

I’m really in love with the MX 88 and just gutted I can’t afford it. I would mount them with a Diamir Freeride (haven’t tried the Marker Duke) as they’d make the ideal backcountry tour set up for Europe, if you want something that actually worthy of the beautiful white fluffy stuff you have slogged 3 hours to reach. Those light little touring skis a just a bit, well, rubbish really.

However there are two downsides, one serious and one not-so-serious.

1) The price. These are not going to be in the ballpark of your average ski bum (1100 euros without bindings) and they may suffer for this. I truly believe that if a ski is to survive in this market you need endorsements from the people who ski and not just sell.
2) The graphics! come on Kastle, are you designing a computer here?

To sum up; A great ski, and before anyone picks me up on the fact that I seem to love every ski I review, it is because I don’t get paid to do this or even get free skis so I’m very choosy about what I sacrifice a day in the mountains on. I’m just glad, in the case of Kastle, to be right. Nice to have you back.


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Reader Ski Reviews of the Kastle MX 88 2009
Kastle MX 88 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/18

I have taken the MX 88 for a ride several times this season.  Turn initiation is effortless and I can carve anywhere I want.  The front of the skis get a little noodlie at high speeds though.  As long as I keep them loaded they do just fine.  Easily skims over crud.  Its a joy to be on these skis!

Kastle MX 88 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 04/19

BTW: 1100 euros is WITH bindings

Kastle MX 88 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/06

Old school 207 GS rider and wanted a ride that wouldn’t compromise the big groomer arcs for the all mountain ability.  Talked to shop guys around the Rockies last season and bar none, they all spoke about the MX88 with awe and amazement.  Took them for a test on Vail bowls and groomers and the smile on my face was stuck for days!!  And actually love the understated and timeless graphics.

Kastle MX 88 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/02

I am 6’2 and 215 lbs. Am back skiing after 20 years away but skiing better than ever with the new equip. Quit skiing at 25 on 215 Kneissel’s and skiied everything on those. I ski fast but want to get into the trees/pow more. 178’s or 188’s?

Kastle MX 88 2009
Written by Ski Review Guest on 05/28

id say go with the 178s. it will provide that extra bit of control to maneuver around in the woods.

Kastle MX 88 2009
Written by JOSEPH on 10/07

Firstly I apologize for my english level (I’m from Barcelona and unfortunadly I don’t use your lenguage at work). I’m sking with a VIST SuperFront Two, but I’ve decided to buy a second pair of skis in order to use on powder (in Europe it means no more than 50 cm. of new fresh snow) but without lost to much on groomed. Last year I test a K2 Hardside whom like me very much, but shop guys spoke me better about Kastle MX88. What do you think? Will I lost a lot on grommed in comparation with my VIST? It’s Kastle good on powder or it’s to hard? Somebody who testes Kastle MX88 and K2 Hardside can compare for me, please?


Kastle MX 88 2009
Written by jason on 03/04

Skier Height:6.2 Skier Weight:185 Skier Ability:3 Ski length Tested:178

Ski Review:OMG!! fellow shredders, I bought a pair of MX88s and they ARE the most amazing ski I have ever been on!!!  carve like a race ski (88 waist!!), float in the pow….beautiful!! rip through all the crud like no other. I got them for $699 and put marker dukes on. who says the graphics are lame? I think the are classy and very cool !!!  If I could only ever have 1 pair of skis (i have 5 now), this would be the ski!!!

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