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Line EP Pro 2011 Ski Review

After receiving 6 feet of snow in 48 hours (Japan, not the French Alps clearly) I thought it was high time to test out the Eric Pollard Pro’s for what they are really meant for.

Line EP Pro 2011

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

185 / 153-127-150 / 15.9

Manufacturer's Description

This is Eric’s, and the world’s, fattest, most progressive freestyle specific powder ski, used for making the previously impossible tricks, now possible in the pow.

Ski Review's Verdict:

I skied the 185, and poling along the road to the lift station is an instant introduction to the the amount of rocker you have to play with, with rotational movements made effortless.

Skiing the tree lines the EP Pro pops and changes direction with very little input, and allows you to bounce the ski and really launch out the powder.

Landing forwards and switch in powder from drops you feel the rocker on the ski flex and ride up to the surface making it super super easy to stomp your landings.  With this much rocker you can spin and butter round to your hearts content.

After several years of Pollard playing around with this ski he has really nailed it on the head for me.

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