Rossignol Bandit B74 2008 Ski Review

Brand: Rossignol
Ski: Bandit B74 (2008)
Ski discipline: Big Mountain
Length(s): 154, 160, 168, 178
Radius: 15m @ 168
Sidecut(s) (tip-waist-tail): 114-74-104

Manufacturer’s Description of the Rossignol Bandit B74:

"Put them on and ski by instinct. Easy-turning with immediate response to kick pressures. The ideal partner for first freerides."

Rossignol Bandit B74

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Rossignol Bandit B74 2008
Rossignol Bandit B74 2008
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/23

This will be the first of two reviews, having only been able to test these ski’s on an indoor slope (approx level that of a groomed blue), the following review will come after my holiday where I will be able to give some insight into performance on moguls and depper off piste conditions. I’m 6’3, 90 kgs and an advanced skier who likes to ski all over the place, usually I rent whatever the best ski’s are in any resprt but as the pound is currently worth toffee I thought I’d get a pair of ski’s and opted for these babies. What can I say… these ski’s rule!

They feel surprisingly stiff for the design and are very responsive underfoot, quick edge to edge.. almost carved by themselves! I don’t know how these ski’s will perform in other ocnditions but on the indoor slope I was on I had a smile from ear to ear and was giggling like a school girl for the entire hour I was in there! More to come…

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