Rossignol S7 BC 2010 Ski Review

Ski: Rossignol S7 BC (2010)
Ski discipline: Back Country
Length (cm) / Dimension (tip-waist-tail - mm) / Radius (m):
166 / 145-115-123 / ?
176 / 145-115-123 / ?
188 / 145-115-123 / 18

Manufacturer’s Description of the Rossignol S7 BC:

"The most revolutionary powder twin tip to hit the backcountry… The S7’s features Rossignol Amptek profile combining, early raise tip and tail, camber underfoot, reverse sidecut in the tip and tail and sidecut underfoot. Rossignol has created the perfect powder tool for backcountry skiers who have a fetish for skiing the deep."

Rossignol S7 BC

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Rossignol S7 BC 2010
Rossignol S7 BC 2010
Written by Ski Review Guest on 05/04

This ski will do it all and do it very well.  It makes everything so easy it feels like I am cheating.  It is quick and handles so many different conditions.  I would never give this ski up.  Just delighted with them.  I bought 176 cm.  I believe skiers of a wide range of skills and ability will all like this ski.  Fabulous…really.

Rossignol S7 BC 2010
Written by Bruce on 07/15

Skier Height: 6’3 Skier Weight: 220lbs Skier Ability: Advanced Ski length Tested: 176 and 188

Ski Review: Tested the 2010 176cm ski, loved it! The way it turns like a normal carver then destroys powder with its early rise is great. If you are not used to skiing on fatties then ease into it especially on hardpack but once you get the hang of it they are very easy to ski on.

I ended up buying the 2011 188cm S7. Fully sick graphics on it which I got a lot of comments about! The ski is better in powder with the extra length although it does add some weight.

Overall an amazing ski! only weaknesses I would say are in icy hardpack conditions they tend to skid a lot more than regular carvers. Also at speed in a straight line they do become unstable (I’m talking when hitting speeds over 70kph/45mph. Over 90kph/55mph they really are a handful unless the snow is nicely groomed packed powder). They are somewhat heavy also. But I just love em! (I’m sure my carvers are feeling abandoned!)

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