Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008 Ski Review

Brand: Rossignol
Ski: Zenith Z11 Mutix (2008)
Ski discipline: All Mountain
Length(s): 154, 162, 170, 176
Radius: 15m @ 170
Sidecut(s) (tip-waist-tail): 128-76-106

Manufacturer’s Description of the Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix:

"A new Zenith with MUTIX technology. The interchangeable power arms on the Zenith Z11 modulate the power: "Stiff" arms guarantee power and stability for high performance on hardpack. "regular" arms make the skis very forgiving and easily controllable on every kind of terrain."

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Written by Ski Review Guest on 04/12

Are there any differences between this ski and Rossi’s R 11?

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Written by Ski Review Guest on 04/17

I got a pair pro form and at first was disappointed because they were heavy and being a Volkl Skier I was used to a snappy torsion box feel. It had been years since I skied on a damp Rossi.

But these skis really shine when you put the soft arms on them and it’s a powder day or a crud day. Their width makes them just fine even deep Utah powder and their radius means they can ALSO carve great.

I was able to do things the people with Fattys could not - meaning I could ski the deep stuff just like them, but I could carve on the on-piste where their big waisted skis just couldn’t.

They are heavy - but it seems that this heft helps in crud and difficult choppy snow. I was waiting at the bottom for my buds at Snow Basin after a top to bottom gladed run which had been sun-crusted. One was on fat telemark skis and the other on a pair of B2s. I even switched skis with my B2 friend and they felt dead compared to these Z11s.

They would NOT be as edge-to-edge quick as the R11, nor my older Volkl 5-stars. They are too fat for that. And they don’t have that torsion box like the Volkls.

After 27 days on these skis I can say I do like them a lot. No longer am I envious of people with fat skis. As far as I’m concerned these have made them pretty much obsolete. They are a great compromise for the person skiing lift-served terrain, and that’s 90% of us.

I’ve skied since 1966, so I can certainly say I’ve seen a lot of skis over the years!

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/16

I agree w/the review. I have and ski both mutix skis, R11 and Z11. The R11 is heavier and faster edge-to-edge on fast groomed slopes, but harder to handle in powder or crud in general- though as noted the weight/heft really works for you. The Z11 I picked up for powder or crud deeper days and they are better when you need the width to keep “above the crud” or powder. The Z11 is a little lighter- nice with the softer arms when you’re tired toward the end of the day and easier to turn and just ride. The R11 is some faster in general, but the Z11 is a really good all mountain ski also. Both are fun and nice to be able to customize both for the conditions and type of ride you want. Enjoy both.

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Written by Ski Review Guest on 01/04

I’ve skied these for a season, in Atlantic Canada.  The conditions here are icy/crud/man made snow pretty much all the time, but everything got better with my z11s.  They can really bite into anything, and have confidence when doing hard carves. 

I only use the soft arms if we get fresh (real) snow, they work best when there’s powder/heavy snow.  The stiff arms make for a fast, GS feel, but with the stability to get you through any crap snow.

Some people are complaining about the arms rattling.. well I’ve had these for a season and a bit, and they’re perfectly fine.  You can only hear them sometimes if you slap your skis.

My previous ski was Atomic Beta Carvs 8.something, intermediate stuff.  The Z11s really show how annoying old skis can be!

Overall, these skis can handle anything, and are super reliable.  You’d easily be able to race with them too.

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/02

The Z11 is a great all around ski. The arms are easy to change and really change the feel of the ski. It is stable and reliable in all conditions. No need for fat skis. Also plenty of pop in short turn fast runs and carving. Fun ski. No problem w/the arm noise mentioned by others.

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/25

Hi, I used the Rossi Z 3 and was an easy ski to carve.  Was looking at buying the Z10 (closest I could available find to the z3) or the salomon x wing 10.  I was skiing the 162 Rossi and was looking at the 166 x wing.  Any comments out there. Happy carving.

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/26

I’ve skied these for two seasons and found the ski to perform as described.  Unfortunately the arms can fall off.  I’ve lost 5 arms over the two years.  The ski shops do not stock replacement arms and it takes Rossi weeks to ship a new arm.  I’ve heard the newer skis may not have the same problem.  Yes, on hard snow the arms are noisy.

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/28

On pro form, I’ve skied the Z9s for 2 years then the Z11s for 2 seasons every weekend. I like both very much and on “eastern powder” (junk), I prefer the stiffer arms 80% of the time (205 lbs). I enjoyed the Z9s and Z11s very much and will probably use my Z11s for a 3rd season. Yup, I like ‘em.

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/28

Got a pair of Z11 demos for eastern slush and “powder” use and ended up using them all season. Can carve but still stable like fat skis also. Good mix. Never lost any arms- if snapped well into place would be hard to get them to fall off I would think and never heard this from any others. Sl rattle on hard groomed ice but no big deal. There is a noticeable performance change w/different arms and like the green/soft ones for deep soft snow days or lazy cruising w/the kids. Will be interesting to watch where the technology goes over the next few years.

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/30

thanks for the input, just bought the rossi z6 and am happy with the choice, thanks again happy carving

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Written by George on 02/13

Orange and Green power extra power arms and case for sale.

Rossignol Zenith Z11 Mutix 2008
Written by Peter on 02/28

Skier Height: 5’ 8’‘ Skier Weight: 168 Skier Ability: expert Ski length Tested: 162

Just demoed these, in Spain.  I really manhandle skis, so the heaviness of these was a plus, for me.  Not sure what arms were on(had no idea they were interchangeable) but was skiing during a storm that changed ice to crud to some thigh deep drifts.  They are extremely confident skis, and cut through the powder like fat skis on crack.  Then, if I hit a windblown area of ice, they still stayed completely stable.  I was pretty obsessed with some Vist Crossovers I tried, but I think I’m picking these up, second hand, next week.  Pretty stunning ski.

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