Rossignol Zenith Z3 Oversize 2007 Ski Review

Model: Rossignol Zenith Z3 Oversize (2007)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 146/? 154/? 162/? 170/16 176/?
Sidecut: 121-72-100

Manufacturer’s Description of the Rossignol Zenith Z3 Oversize:

"So expert skiers can get their fill of thrills. High performance skis with an original design. Oversize technology for all. Easy carving with all the thrills."

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Rossignol Zenith Z3 Oversize 2007
Rossignol Zenith Z3 Oversize 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/18

Tried these skis as well as the AMC 73, Metron 7 and X-Wing 10s. All in the 165 cm length range. Ski conditions were variable, powder, crud and ice in the wind blown areas.  The skis were okay - fairly manoverable except on the ice where the were poor at holding an edge. Rating poorest of the 4 skis.

Rossignol Zenith Z3 Oversize 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 11/05

test 22

Rossignol Zenith Z3 Oversize 2007
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/31

When comparing this model amongst others (Fischer, Dynastar) they were all relatively the same smooth carving and speed on powder and crud, but when it came to ice, none of them could stand the test, but the Rossi came the closest to holding its ground.

Rossignol Zenith Z3 Oversize 2007
Written by Brian on 09/01

I have used these skis now for several years and they were an immediate upgrade from the generic Salomon X-Scream’s I had before. Tried a variety of brands before settling on the Rossi Z3’s and have little complaints. They are truly an all mountain ski with good stability, easy manoeuvrability, smooth carving, decent speed, and good edge holding. They are sure-footed in all conditions: powder, groomed, ice, wet, and crud, and have enabled me to become a better skier due to these attributes and confidence inspiring design. Not for the expert skier though, but I would recommend these skis to anyone wanting to advance beyond an intermediate…

Alternatively, these skis will slow you down if you want to race and shoot the slopes. While capable of these feats, they loose the aforementioned abilities at fast speed and really dislike being pushed hard. This is probably due to its lack of rigidity and softer flex. But because of this design, my next upgrade will still be the Zenith series, just a stiffer model like the Z9, as I have outgrown these skis but still enjoy them when on the mountain…

I am 6’2” and 235lb so I naturally have the forces of gravity making my speed better than most. I ski on 170’s for those that read this.

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