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Stöckli Y 85 2013 Ski Review

Stöckli Y 85 2013

Ski Statistics - Length (cm) / Sidecut (mm) / Radius (m)

168 / 136-85-110 / 13.8
177 / 136-85-110 / 15.6
186 / 136-85-110 / 17.5

Manufacturer's Description

Newly-defined all-mountain performance:  The combination of a broad shovel combined with a slim waist make this ski an all-rounder that can provide skiers with breathtaking experiences on or off the piste.

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Stöckli Y 85 2013
Stöckli Y 85 2013
Written by FATTY on 02/15

Skier Height: 178cm Skier Weight: 96 kg Skier Ability: Expert / Racer Ski length Tested: 186

Ski Review: I will make it clear from the outset , I am an unashamed STOCKLI fan… There I’ve said it , but you know what , it’s only because I have a bias towards the best built , most reliably incredible Snowfeel , consistently top-end feeling Skis that are available . I was once again in Aspen for the month of January this year , and spent time Teaching and Guiding on a variety of Skis , all STOCKLI, but found myself on the Y’s more often than not . WOW awesome edge hold on the Groomers , and even on the Harder Snow that Colorado was unusually dealing with this year ( like last year unfortunately ) , hand down GS turns ripping across the hill , more grip than the 2012 Laser SC I reviewed last year , and better at speed which surprised me . It goes without saying the 85mm waist certainly bettered the SC off-piste , that’s a no-brainer , but better on the groomed ? That was unexpected . The Rossignol GPS App read to 146 km/h , 90mph , at Aspen Mountain , with the Y’s as stable as you like . Do they struggle ? , if there is an area where they are inferior to the SC and some others , it would be in the bumps . It’s not that they are too stiff or anything like that , it is more the mere fact that they are a wide ski at the tip and if you like to ski zipper line they can be a little unwieldly , something that is not surprise to those of you out there who ski shaped skis in the bumps . Another Ski I got this year the Rotor 84 , was far better in the bumps , but that’s another story ... ( review :) )

Great Ski , there’s no Ski like a STOCKLI ......

Cheers Fatty ...

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