Zag Freeride 75 2005 Ski Review

First impressions - this will be interesting!

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Model: Freeride 75
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 157/9.7 167/11.5 177/13.5 187/15.5
Sidecut : 125/75/106,5,4,3
Length tested: 177

Manufacturer’s Description:

“The Freeride 75 is the narrowest of the models, having its waist 75 mm. Thanks in part of their unusually long (220-230mm) and wide (125mm) tips, the freeride 75 series are equally at home both off-piste and on-piste. The snowboard influence is most evident from the amazing ease and response of the skis in deep snow over crud. The ski element allows them to rejoin the piste with perfect pre-cision, even in the iciest conditions. Offering top performance in every category, these are the true all-mountain skis, bar none. Excellent choice too for touring and telemark”

Ski-Review’s Verdict:

Zag skis - what can I say?  Firstly they are in a league of their own as they are a freeride based company with direction - see our news for more information on Zag skis.

Firstly I need to mention the snow, well the ice, or the slush. The Tignes Grande Motte Glacier offered us the lot. Not really what the Zag is meant for so we are going to get back onto the Zag’s later in the season when we have some powder days to take them out - or should I say home…

But did the Zag Freeride 75 favour the glacier or just get pushed aside like the mammoths?

Lets go.

Looking down at a pair of plain white skis, and really not too sure what to expect…they did seem very light but I am putting this down mainly due to the rental bindings. (A lesson to me - and others perhaps, lighter bindings!!).

As I described above we had all sorts of conditions.  I am not one to mention the spiel in the catalogue, but they pretty much do what Zag say.  They can move across most conditions with no problem, but at higher speeds on ice they did become a little twitchy.  Quick short turns are no problem, medium turns no problem.


The Bomb!  I was very impressed with these, an all mountain ski have Zag cracked it?  Just can’t wait to have a go in the powder. So watch this space…

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Zag Freeride 75 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/20

what are these skis like in the park? do zag have a specialised park ski?

Zag Freeride 75 2005
Written by Ski Review Guest on 07/16

just wondering would you recoment these for an intermediate-low advanced skier, 187cm tall and 70kg. i need some new skis and im looking in this direction

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