Zag Freeride 84 Big 2004 Ski Review

This could finally be the generation of skis that I have been looking for. The freeride skis on the market at the moment are generally a dampened down GS ski, and the off piste specific skis are a bit too unwieldy and struggle to get you around the resorts in the search for powder. A catch 22.

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Model: FR (Freeride) Big 84 
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 168/11.5 179/13.5 188/15.1
Sidecut : 134-84-114(168), 134-84-113(179), 134-84-112(188)
Length tested: 179

Manufacturer’s Description:

“84mm underfoot, Big 84 is the perfect ski for tearing up the back country.  The big brother of the Freeride 75 model, Big 84 has longer (240 mm) and wider (134 mm) tips, offering more floatation than most ‘fat’ skis on the market, and being so perfectly balanced, the ‘Big Zags’ are simply outstanding off-piste.”

Ski-Review’s verdict:

The dimensions of the Zag Fr Big 84 (134, 84, 113), though truly big for an all mountain ski, and, that its supposed to lean into the back country, are not what has me excited about these, and indeed the Gold range, but it is the size of the spatula. It appears to begin somewhere in the middle of the front section of the ski and curves up in a way that could launch even Eddie The Eagle into an Olympic gold position.

The clown shoes, the Big 84’s, have the surface area of most of the competitions pure off piste skis, with a side cut that should allow a carve tight enough to make a full GS race ski proud, however, Zag have left that for the 75’s, and have made the 84’s more supple so that it CAN push further into the back country. The conditions, on the day of their debut to my feet, left much to be desired, going between slush and large patches of ice, making them slide out of a lot of tight carves, but in the gentler turns and high speed, they rode over the small punter bumps without taking notice.

These skis are going to take their owners from off piste area to off piste area with the greatest of ease, allowing you to save your energy for when it’s really needed.

I have yet to try these skis in even close to ideal conditions, but with luck and the proximity of the Zag head office, I hope to give these skis a thorough testing in the up coming months before the season on the crevasse ridden off piste on Tignes Grande Motte glacier.

Christoffer Selvik. (Norway, nul point)

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Zag Freeride 84 Big 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 02/17

how is it on pist

Zag Freeride 84 Big 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 12/29

I have owned my Zag 84’s since feb 03 and am unashamedly in love with these skis!

On ice and at speed they’re not great, too flexible really but they come into their own off piste….

I am 6’1 and 17 stones (about 110KG) and these skis lift me above the pow with ease. I cant comment on the Gold or 75 models but I have had no regret with my purchase!

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