Zag Freestyle Backcountry 2004 Ski Review

This is a totally new ski from the Zag camp. It’s what Zag call their freestyle/ backcountry ski, baring a very similar style to their previous skis (the oversize tip and tail) but with a different design…and results!!

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Model: FS BC (Freestyle Backcountry)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 160/12 172/14 184/16
Sidecut : 110-78-110(160), 115-82-115(172), 119-85-119(184)
Length tested: 184

Manufacturer’s Description:

“A newcomer to Zags Skis collection, this model continues the same innovative ski shape and different design.  We decided to add a freestyle backcountry model, which gives you the same combination of short side cut radius, not only long and oversize spoon-shape tips, but also the same features on the tail.”

Ski-Review’s verdict:

We turned up for our third day on the Grande Motte Glacier in Tignes, (mainly because they shut the lifts early on day two without telling anyone…) to be welcomed by a few cms of fresh snow and a good temperature drop. Relief all round! No more blue/black coloured ice runs.

First up, the Zag Freestyle FS/BC, at a length of 184. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this brand new ski. The bindings were set further forward than normal giving symmetrical lengths to the top and tail of the ski, making it ideal for the park. If you’re not used to this, it can seem quite bizarre, but quick to get used to. Zag have designed the ski so that the front of the ski is a carbon copy of the back, no problems for going backwards, apart from ability, eh!

What an awesome ski! I was expecting a floppy ski which wouldn’t be able to hold its edge, how wrong could I be! You have to wait a little longer for the Freestyle FS/BC to grip as you initiate the carve, but stay with it and you have no problems due to the 16m radius (on the 184’s). Short linked turns…equally at home.  The oversize spoon at the back of the ski makes riding switch easy in any conditions (the tip and tail on the 184’s is 119 wide!! Even the 160’s have a width of 110!).

The park was not really an option due to the conditions, but Zag have been kind enough to lend us some for when the snow gets better.


The conditions didn’t really help with testing a freestyle park/backcountry ski!  If that’s how the Freestyle FS/BC perform in these conditions, I can’t wait to take them out when there’s snow, parks, kickers, pipes, powder etc!!  I’ll get back to you on that…

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Zag Freestyle Backcountry 2004
Zag Freestyle Backcountry 2004
Written by Duncan Mills on 02/13

Thankfully, Zag kindly let us use there skis again.

This time we had snow not ice and plenty of it! I had the 184 like Oli had all those weeks ago in Tignes.

Great for switch as the ski has the same geometry front and back, just perfect for the park.

I found my self skiing backwards more than forwards.

You get some odd looks passing people on the piste skiing basckwards.

Zag Freestyle Backcountry 2004
Written by Ski Review Guest on 03/23

Just pruchase a pair of ZAG BC/FS with R8. In 172 cm. A ripper

Zag Freestyle Backcountry 2004
Written by Hautokt on 05/12

I had these skis in the shop i worked last season. Size 184 as well, but i’m quite tall (195) so i had been able to test it like a real freestyle ski.

After a morning in the park, pipe, and on backcountry kickers, with ideal snow conditions : To me it’s neither a performant freestyle ski, nor a performant freeride ski. For freestyle, it’s really light and well balanced, excellent for switch riding and spins, but i really didn’t find more pop in this ski than in a banana. So a big lack of nervousness for jumps and direction changing. For freeride and backcountry landings, it’s so centered that it’s really hard to ride comfortably with it. Of course you can set up the bindings a bit more on the back, but while turning you’ll not push on the right place of your edges and will loose efficience. On-piste, the grip is very good, it’s very comfortable in short turns, and it really gives odd sensations. The tail is as wide as the tip, so you’re not positioned the same way than on a usual pintailed ski… It gave me the impression to drive a car with a rear wheels steering ! Funny !

So i think it’s a really fun ski that everybody should try once, just because it’s unic. But i think it’s more a good ski for stylee little mooves on-piste and in the park than a freeride or freestyle ski to go big.

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