Zag Gold 2004 Ski Review

I totally fell in love with Zag Gold 171cm skis!

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Model: Gold 93
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 171/12.5 181/14.5 191/16.5 201/19
Sidecut : 140-93-114(171), 140-93-113(181), 140-93-112(191), 140-93-117(201)
Length tested: 171

Manufacturer’s Description:

“The Gold family grows this year with 3 new lengths.  With tips of over 140mm wide and 93mm under foot, the Freeride Gold is destined for special powder days. This Zag ski brings a new standard to the market, offering not simply huge floatation, but also supreme balance, in the deepest of snows.  In keeping with the Zag concept, this ski also offers astonishing performance on-piste, despite its significant width.  This is a limited edition ski reserved for “Big” conditions!”

Ski-Review’s verdict:

According to the manufacturer blurb, they’re the most specialised ski in the range…i.e. not for your average one week a year holidaymaker…and designed for 100% off-piste riding. In spite of that, and the conditions not being ideal to test a freeride ski (flat light on Tignes glacier in October with no powder to be seen for miles), I am convinced these are the skis for me.

They performed surprisingly well on piste - they’re the widest underfoot of the Zag ski range, so they’re not quick in the turns, but they do still have enough sidecut to give you great on piste carving (with surprisingly good grip), and loads of surface area and flex for the off-piste stuff they’re designed for.

As a small, light, female rider, used to riding Salomon Pocket Rockets or old Rossignol Bandit 3xs, the soft flex pattern of the Gold suits me down to the ground. I’m not sure how they’d hold their edge if you’re a lot heavier, but in terms of manoeuvrability, ease of riding, and feeling instantly confident in the ski’s performance and ability, I’m sold.

Not cheap though!

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Zag Gold 2004
Zag Gold 2004
Written by Hautokt on 10/07

The Gold 201 is my favourite Zag ski. It’s the widest board of Zag’s collection but i think it’s the best onpiste ski as well. Other Zags are so soft that you cannot push it seriously to a good speed. This one is a bit stiffer and the nervous tail is a real pleasure during turn ends. I just think the tip is really too huge, even for deep snow, even for a tall and heavy skier. The weight and volume could be optimized better without this huge tip, i know it’s Zag’s signature but i think that such a big tip will never be useful for such a long ski !

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