Zag Purist Light 2010 Ski Review

Ski: Zag Purist Light (2010)
Ski discipline: All Mountain
Length (cm) / Dimension (tip-waist-tail - mm) / Radius (m):
161 / 115-79-105 / 14.5
171 / 118-82-107 / 17
181 / 122-85-111 / 19

Manufacturer’s Description of the Zag Purist Light:

"The same shape as the new Purist, this lightwieght version is ideal for touring, steep faces and tough snow conditions. The Zag tips and the new geometry ensure effortless skiing for deep snow descents."

Zag Purist Light

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Reader Ski Reviews of the Zag Purist Light 2010
Zag Purist Light 2010
Written by EvaO on 12/18

Skier Height: 5’8” Skier Weight: 200 Skier Ability: Advanced/Expert Ski length Tested: 181 cm Skier Style: Turns, Telemark and Parallel mixed skier can execute many different styles of turns to respond to terrain and snow conditions. 80% parallel, 20% Telemark

Ski Review: Bought these in Dec. 2012 from LevelNineSports deeply discounted, Zag not readily available in U.S. yet. I bought these as a soft snow/powder telly ski mounted with Volie CRB Wires matched with Black Diamond Push boots. Skied them three days at Snowbird in varied snow conditions report as follows:

Groomed packed powder: Skis have good edge control and strong end turn release. Easy initiation but a a little instability in the transition due to generous rocker. Once on edge they track nicely and can take extreme pressuring and laid out carving positions.

Old Untracked No Crust Snow: Typical backcountry old stable powder, skis floated up quickly and exhibited typical rocker behavior with easy twin feet hip twist turns for parallel with a little bounce gets these skis playing in old snow, little diving.

Broken Next Day Powder Frozen: Here the skis had a little trouble they were a little too soft to charge through and were knocked about as was I, had to revert to parallel jump turns with hard speed checks. Hard snow to ski in period.

Fresh Untracked thigh deep pow: Best snow. These skis floated beautifully, responded to easily and predictably to the point one could forget about what the ski was doing and look for the line. The ski did well as the powder broke and transitioned into same day heavily skied fresh. Blasting through loose piles and jumping into fresh untracked on the steep the skis were joyfully light and playful.

In conclusion: These skis are better at parallel than telemark. Telemark turns were difficult to initiate and require less thinking more just doing. Parallel turns are where this ski shines. THis is one of the few skies I have ever skied since 89’  the Elan Comprex S that could do anything I asked it to do. Not a hard charger cliff hucking ski but a skiers ski for making turns. I had a great time on these skis and if you see them and the later incarnations from Zag….have no hesitation if you got the gist of this review. This ski is ahead of its time. As the wide craze comes to a close reality sets in and skiers are needing lighter, playful skis that respond to what the skier wants not the skier being forced to do what the ski makes them do. The most important aspect of ski is how confident do you feel with them on your feet. Zag made a wonderful ski with the light touring skis they made. For older advanced skiers who aren’t jumping in parks and off cliffs, but turning in all conditons, this ski works very well.

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