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2006 Movement Skis

Written by Dan Morgan, Monday, 28 March 2005

Movement Skis

When I first saw the Demon Flame and then the Joystick from the current season (04/05) range, I saw those skis that for a split second you consider buying before you try - they looked that good.  Below is how the 2006 range lines up - different but when they grow on you, still visually stunning.  Note the dedicated telemark ski too:


Movement Demon Flame

This ski will guide you safely on the most uneven grounds. Its disconcerting fluidity, its versatility in the air as well as in the deep powder will make out of you the happiest skier.
All our small manufacturing secrets are integrated in this new Demon Flame. It is one of the leading product of the brand.


Movement Flame Pro

A ski with no concession, thoroughbred and radical on all types of snow. A real razor blade in a velvet glove. An exceptional success that will satisfy the most demanding amongst you. The Flame pro is the final solution to all your problems.


Movement Spark Girl

The most demanding girls will be pleased when skiing with these skis. The high versatility together with its exceptional performance level give the Spark girl an outstanding character. A small spark will light in your eyes each time you will have the chance to ride them.


Movement Spark

At the dawn of Time, a spark flooded out of the deepness of the Universe…And, the Earth burst out of nowhere.
Being the fruit of a labour of development with the collaboration of our Team, the Spark responds to a large range of uses. Its liveliness and its handiness make it a dream engine whatever the snow conditions are. Its frankness and its precision will surprise the most demanding skiers. In future, new infinite territories of immaculate powder will be at your level.


Movement Thunder

As far as the eye can see, only blank fields. It looks like a dream of powder.- the Nirvana ! And now, a pair of Thunder, that will bring you a self-control on the most difficult terrains. The dream comes true.
An experience to live again and again, without limit.


Movement Gladiator

Jump in the arena ! Equipped with your Gladiators, nothing will resist. Curve, cut, all the slopes will be completely transformed once you have passed. The spirit of the Warrior will not leave you, the pure force allied to technique and fineness. EXULTATURI TE SALUTAN.


Movement PowPow

YOU are the master, in total confidence. No fear for who is riding with the PowPow. This extreme freeride ski is a formidable high speed carver, docile and sane (in the meaning of non tricky). None of the breathtaking powder slopes you want to face will be out of reach.


Movement PowPow Swalow Ltd

A new definition of the ski in powder snow is born with our Swallow. It has been developed in parallel to the PowPow, with its base. The Swallow, equipped with stiffer core and a more dynamic fibre, reacts like a weapon. Specially reserved to cracks who know how to master the deep powder.


Movement Big Air

The Big Air totally upsets time and space. With this ski, your most radical tricks will float in the air. You feel as if you were on a white cloud near paradise. This fiery ski offers an exceptional touch on the snow. It belongs to an unusual generation of ski. You know what you have to do now : tame them, in the air and on the snow, and request the impossible.


Movement Joystick

Don’t look further, the solution is here ! Height has no more limits and the most extreme rotations become a child’s play. You will simply be "satellised" from the first jump with your new Joysticks.
Adrenaline in weightlessness, Nirvana on and on. Only happiness for all those who want to feel different.

The ski for the juniors. It is the little brother of the Joystick. Just to be sure that the young guns have the right skis to do the craziest tricks and rotations.
With these you supply the ideas and the juniors will love the ride.


Movement Red Apple 71

Light and extremely performing, this ski is aimed for all the fanatics of all mountain skiing. Always in evolution, it has been given a high-tech construction, an ultra-light wood core and a parabolic and modern shape that will bring you big ease when sliding down, even during the most extreme rides. You can really trust them; they will support you every time you need.


Movement Red Apple 74

We have tried to get as close as possible to our concept of mountain-freeride having the geometry of our skis evolve. 3 cm broader than the Red Apple 71, these skis are perfectly adapted to heavier and well-built guys as well as to skiers wanting more supporting at high speed.
The widest landscapes and the highest peaks are within your reach.


Movement Evolution

All kinds of ride are possible : telemark, all mountain and traditional skiing. This super-light version will surprise you every day. Its width and its quite long radius give him perfect capacities in deep snow. But you will feel very comfortable on all others types of terrain.
Light and without concession.


Movement Freeheel

Dedicated to all the fanatics of telemark. We wanted to go further in the development of this revolutionary ski in order to offer you a most unusual ski, radically different from what you can find on the market nowadays. The Freeheel is gripping and precise in the turns. Its asymmetry balances perfectly well the quick edge to edge and its precision is just magic.


Movement Blade

Are you looking for new sensations ? A new feeling ? So this skis has been thought of for you. Draw curves at high speed, cut the ice with precision and insurance. The FCS is answering to your demands and will help you to realise your dreams. It is high time to upset your universe


Movement Emotion

Delicacy and subtlety. So light and easy, that you happen to forget them. A performing high level ski, shaped to carve and bring pleasure on all types of snow. The Emotion will bring softness and sensitivity. The choice seems evident.

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