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Dynastar Legend send murmurs through the freeride community!

Written by Dan Morgan, Friday, 19 March 2004

“Dynastar Legend Skis Blend 40 Years of Big Mountain Heritage
with Cutting Edge Freeride Technology.”

Expectations of the Legend series are nearly as big as the skis themselves.  The term ‘midfat’ does not seem so fitting when you see these skis in the flesh.

As a follow up to the the popular Intuitiv range, the Legend series encompass the next chapter in Dynastar’s freeriding history.  Insanely wide, the range features wider shapes, technical side cuts and kick tails to provide excellent flotation and fluid pivoting.  Dynastar’s patented technology Autodrive comes as standard for trademeark grip.

Funky new graphics, a scratch resistant finish, and Sisal not fiberglass construction will help this range become as notorious as any other.

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Legend Pro

“The flagship of the line, the Legend Pro delivers powerful, uncompromised performance for top athletes ripping high-speed turns on big mountain descents under the gnarliest conditions imaginable.  Extra wide waist provides surfboard-like floatation and wood core, titanium sandwich construction delivers stability even at the fastest speeds.”
Sizes: 186 and 194
Sidecut: 122-97-114
Radius:  28
Suggested Retail Price:  $1,295

Legend 8800   (Everest 8848 meters)

“The Legend 8800 delivers hard charging skiers the perfect tool for attacking deep snow adventures on any terrain on the mountain.  Deep-V tip, wide 90mm waist and kick tail allow skis to glide through turns from initiation to completion.” 
Sizes: 158, 168, 178 and 188
Sidecut: 116-90-110
Radius: 21, 24, 25 and 27
Suggested Retail Price:  $925

Legend 8000 (Annapurna 8078 meters)

“The narrower cousin to the 8800, the Legend 8000 delivers top performance and go-anywhere versatility for aggressive expert skiers whose search may take them through deep powder or the occasional groomed trail.” 
Sizes: 158, 165, 172, 178 and 184
Sidecut: 116-79-102
Radius: 25
Suggested Retail Price:  $875

Legend 4800 (Mont Blanc 4810 meters)

“The Legend 4800 provides advancing skiers the appropriate technology for the best balance between versatility, carving and forgiveness in a ski that is at home on or off piste.”
Sizes: 158, 165, 172, 178 and 184
Sidecut: 114-75-102
Radius: 18
Suggested Retail Price:  $725

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