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Fischer Skis 2011

Written by Dan Morgan, Wednesday, 12 May 2010

No surprises in race - the regular slalom and GS skis and the slightly cheaper SuperRace equivalents deliver what you’d expect.

High performance piste unchanged, but the RX skis within Sport performance piste have seemingly definitely gone with a full Viron range in their place (depending on your country).

All Mountain are now Motive, with 4 skis (80 through 74, with a sidewall version of the 74 available) replacing the Heat series it would seem.

In Freeride, Watea are now 6 strong, with a new 98mm waisted “BC TT” version (130/98/122 in a 166, 176 and 186). The Watea 114 and 101 are early rise tip (...rocker) with the new Watea 98 going early rise in both the tip and tail.

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