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Introducing WhiteDot Freeride

Written by Dan Morgan, Monday, 26 October 2009

WhiteDot stood out at this years consumer Metro Ski & Snowboard show in London earlier this month. Partially because of their imposing freeride skis, but also because of the booth-presence of ex-Dynastar pro Fred Syversen.

If hucking enormous cliffs is your thing you may have seen Fred unintentionally scooping the unofficial world record for highest cliff drop at a whopping 107m.

Fred has joined "21st Century" European ski maker WhiteDot Freeride and is pictured below wielding the Redeemer like a weapon!

Fred is busy building his own WhiteDot signature ski for the 2011 season, however until then this years lineup is an interesting freeride trio with some interesting shapes - checkout the shovel on the Redeemer!

WhiteDot Redeemer - full-on powder ski, fully rockered, crazy dimensions at 138-142/128/132-128 and 190cm tall.

WhiteDot Preacher - all-mountain fat ski (first time we have heard a ski branded as that?) that floats but will also bite and hold when you lay them on their edges on a hard piste. Footprint shape reminds me of the amazing Zag skis and we know from experience how well that shape performs. 155/112/133, and in a choice of 3 lengths - 169, 179, 189.

WhiteDot One - looks like it would handle the powder well, but billed as a piste basher and at home pretty much all over the mountain. 175mm long tips and tails but with 119/89/113 in a 166, 173 and a 180 this one could be a ski bums every day dream ski.

All the WhiteDots have ISO 7200 sintered & die cut bases with Poplar/Ash laminate cores.

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