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ISPO 2009: Scott 2010

Written by Dan Morgan, Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Scott’s 2010 line features the return of some classics with some interesting new additions.

Scott featured in our very first Pure Demo Days ski test, and the standouts skis from the range that year were the XP Roadster (terrific value) along with the bigger Santiago Mission and Aztec.  Thankfully both the bigger skis return this year.

Let’s be honest - In a world that is crammed full of fat twins, rocker cambers and bamboo cores it can take something special to draw any attention.  The new "New Crusair" stood out for us.  A freeride ski aimed squarely at the more adventurous of us the New Crusair is available in a 166 (126/89/115 r17) and 176 (128/90/116 r18) lengths. It’s very light, with a laminated carbon construction. 176 seems to be an obvious choice for most - presumably the 166 is aimed at shorter freeriders.

In Scott’s words - "There is a group of skiers who constantly explore remote mountain areas searching for untracked snow and new lines, they rarely take the ski lift and constantly summit mountains under their own power…".

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