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K2 Ski 2013

Written by Dan Morgan, Sunday, 12 February 2012

When people think of K2 most people of a certain age automatically think of the Factory Team series of Pro models, cleverly named, well received and a K2 cornerstone. Who hasn’t considered a pair of K2 Obsethed or Kung Fujas in their time? K2 have managed to be “cool” and appeal to an evolving but younger crowd whilst staying just the right side of the cheese line. Bill Kirschner conceived and sold K2’s first fiberglass wrapped skis in 1962, so in 2012 K2 celebrate 50 years in the market. It’s easy to forget that this “funky” brand has deep roots in the sport, spanning the K2 Holiday in the sixties through to the late Shane McConkey’s Pontoon and the beginning of the rocker trend in skiing at the beginning of the 21st century.

K2 didn’t so much embrace rocker technology as they did marry it and churn out forty kids. Even in 2013 there is not a single traditionally cambered ski in the range. And as every brand begins to embrace backcountry as the new growth market, K2 has been selling custom fit skins to the masses for years.

K2 A.M.P ROX 2013

Starting with the A.M.P in 2013, K2 have introduced ROX technology to their all mountain/piste performance range. ROX is essentially a floating second core with carbon web that doesn’t interfere with the natural flex of the ski, dampening the ride and increasing the edge hold while you need it stiff while still allowing a more forgiving turn initiation combined with the early rise, rockered tips. We’ve all skiied on a ski as stiff as a piece of steel and loved the hard snow, fast speed performance but cussed in slower, steeper conditions, so it will be interesting to see how this ski rides.

ROX is added to the new A.M.P Bolt (125-72-99) and Velocity (121-72-106), along with the returning Charger (122-74-106). It’s as you were for the A.M.P Aftershock, Rictor, Impact, Photon, Force & Stinger in 2013 aside from the odd paint touch-up.

Obsethed 2012 > SideSeth 2013

Elsewhere the main story is the retirement of the Obsethed Seth Morrison pro model from in the Factory Team series and it’s reappearance in the Backside series as the SideSeth (147-118-135) for 2013.  A stiffer tail and a reduction in the rocker means Seth’s SideSeth is a little more versatile for big mountain lines.

Also new to the Backside stable in 2013 is the K2 Backdrop, a fat ski not far off the dimensions of thr SideSeth measuring in at 142-112-131 but built from the same tech as the light-as-a-feather Wayback to help with those uphill hikes and skins. 1820g in the 174.

Reader Comments on K2 Ski 2013
K2 Ski 2013
Written by Dakotah Walker on 06/13

From the 2013 models I’ve seen from K2 my favorite is Pep Fujas’ pro model, the Kung Fujas. You caught a good shot of them from other images I’ve found online, but those Iron Maiden’s look really sick! Gotta love the top graphic of what looks like Eddie wielding the British flag from my personal favorite Iron Maiden record, The Trooper.

K2 Ski 2013
Written by Park2Peak on 06/24

We just did a video review of the 2013 K2 Kung Fujas, check it out if you’re interested!

2013 K2 Kung Fujas Ski - Product Review:

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