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Line Ski 2013

Written by Dan Morgan, Monday, 16 April 2012

2013 brings a complete graphics overhaul to every ski in Line’s line-up, along with a new park ski and some changes aimed at making those sizing decisions easier.

Eric Pollard’s signature Mr Pollard’s Opus returns unmolested, aside from the mandatory new graphics and a new 192 length joining the existing 178 and 185 options.

Line give the awesome Blend and Chronic the rocker treatment for 2013 with early rise tips and tails making these crossover, do anything all mountain tools a little more versatile.

The ubiquitous Afterbang returns as expected, but no more agonising between the 166 and 177 - Line has you covered with a new 172. However Park aficionados will have to consider the brand new Travelling Circus offering from Line to honour the crew of the same name. The Travelling Circus has an early rise profile in the tip and tail and a symmetrical shape. 119-93-119 in a 178 the Travelling Circus features Butterzone, Carbon Ollieband and Fatty Base & Edge.

Also brand new is the Line Soulmate which is a ladies specific ski in the all mountain freestyle category (Chonic, Blend etc). The Line Soulmate is available in 158, 165 and 172 lengths @ 132-98-123 with early rise profile and CapWall construction.

Elsewhere, Line introduce the Prophet 85 to the existing freeride range for a little more choice at the thinner end, along with the Celebrity 85 for the ladies. The beefy and well regarded Influence 115 gets a bit of early rise in the tail to match the already rockered tips for those big mountain lines.

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