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Noel Baxter Tells Ski Review About His Fischer Skis

Written by Duncan Mills, Sunday, 24 October 2004

I dropped Noel Baxter (top British skier) an e-mail the other day asking him if he could tell us about his skis, and kindly he did….

"I have a contract with Fischer skis and bindings.

Obviously the skis I use are only really for racing, in slalom I use 161cm skis with plastic tips stuck on them so they are long enough for the F.I.S regulations these things are amazing especially on icy pistes they have incredible grip and because they are slightly shorter they turn so quickly which in the begining is very dificult to control because they have so much energy but once you get the hang of it you can make some insane turns.

My GS skis are 193cm which is actually a bit longer than the average for GS the reason for this is that they are so stable in bumpy conditions and also in means that i really have to work my ski to get the most out of it which is good for me because I tend to ski a little too static in GS but this ski doesn’t really allow me to do this." wishes Noel Baxter the best for the coming season - if you want to read more about Noel check out

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