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‘Off the rack’ Alternative - DrakeBoinay

Written by Dan Morgan, Tuesday, 20 April 2004

DrakeBoinay: carbon fibre, custom flexed Freeride skis.

Since time immemorial surfers have enjoyed the luxury of craftsmen who sculpt boards based on their physical characteristics and style. Skiers, in contrast have endured a frustrating relationship with an industry that doesn’t always reflect their vision of the sport, nor produce the tools necessary to push the performance envelope.

Combining client-driven design philosophy and image with cutting edge carbon technology, DrakeBoinay claim to have realized a level of performance that was once an impossible dream.  Carbon holds tremendous benefits over traditional materials such as wood, foam and fibreglass.  Put simply, DrakeBoinay’s claim their skis to be 40% lighter hence more manoeuvrable, 30% more torsionally rigid so hold a much better edge, and possess a near infinite flex life as carbon never loses it’s shape.

Factor into the equation beefy snowboard width edges meaning the ski can be repeatedly tuned, coupled with a full Kevlar wrap shielding the ski core from rock damage, and we are left with quite literally, a bullet-proof ski!

Every db ski is hand built on a per order basis. Skis are custom flexed based on the skier’s weight, height, technical ability and speed at which they like to ski.

This season DrakeBoinay are offering 3 shapes. The R is 79mm underfoot, versatile enough to tour the backcountry or lay down in the park. At 94mm the Surreal is the mixed-snow, big mountain workhorse. The TablaRasa is 118mm underfoot, severely pintailed, swallow-tailed, with a healthy tip rocker and minimal camber. It is designed to be the ultimate powder board.

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