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Rossignol 2012

Written by Dan Morgan, Sunday, 06 March 2011

We’ve already covered the return of the Scratches for 2012 as well as the introduction of the all mountain Experience, but there’s plenty more going on for Rossignol in 2012.

Rossignol Super 7

First up, after the success of the S7 and it’s bigger, stronger brother the Super 7 in their Caia Koopman guises, Rossignol are adding a 188 length to titanal reinforced Super 7.

Rossignol Super 7 2012

Simply put, the Super 7 is the beefier, “huge” mountain version of the regular S7. But until now, the Super 7 has only been available in a 192 for those Alaska heli days. So the 188 remains the biggest length in the S7 and the shortest length in the Super 7.


Reader Comments on Rossignol 2012
Rossignol 2012
Written by Jon on 03/15

I actually picked up a pair at a ski shop who had them in early. Blows away any other ski. Probably the best powder ski available and it also tears through crude and cascade cement thanks to the new sheet of titanium.

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