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Salomon Quest 14 Ski Boot 2012

Written by Dan Morgan, Thursday, 10 February 2011

Last season saw Salomon introduce the Quest ski boot. A hybrid AT boot with the performance of an alpine boot, but with a walk mode to open up the boot the growing number of alpine skiers freeing their heels and skinning up the mountain.

The more alpine biased models of the Quest alpine/AT hybrid were aimed at a clear target audience; occasional to moderate tourers who want a more stable and performance orientated boot for the descent, and alpine skiers looking to start hiking up the mountain to seek out great snow with familiar feeling and performing hardware on their feet.

Salomon Quest 14

The toe and heel alpine DIN pads are interchangeable with matching touring equivalents designed for use in dedicated touring bindings from the likes of Fritschi and Marker. The Pro and Pro Pebax come complete with touring pads, whilst the Quest 8, 10 & 12 (and for 2012, Quest 14) come equipped with the DIN alpine pads.

A safety note while on the subject; while you can use boots equipped with the standard DIN blocks in a touring binding, do not use the Quest equipped with touring pads in a regular alpine binding!

With some of the more freeride and inbound focussed touring bindings available now, together with the Quests, a real low compromise package is emerging for a 70/30 or an 80/20 lift served/skinning skier.

The Quest range already has high end and super lightweight Pro, and Pro Pebax models, along with the 120 flex Quest 12 for the inaugural season. For 2012 Salomon are adding a Quest 14 with a flex of 130 to satisfy those with a need for something a lot stiffer. The extra rigidity in the 14 comes courtesy of a longer and higher magnesium backbone. myCustomFit Race liners and a white and yellow colour scheme complete the look. It’s a serious boot for a serious skier. RRP £380.

The current ladies Quest Women now morphs into two separate models, with the current model becoming the Quest 8 Women with a flex of 80, and the introduction of the Quest 10 Women with a firm flex of 100.

A single last* of 100mm, a single oversized cuff buckle and a similarly beefy powerstrap come as standard across the entire Quest ski boot range in addition to the Biovent “liner exhaust” system which allows moisture to wick away from inside the boot.

• We get asked this a lot, “last” is the technical and fairly non-descriptive term for the width of inner ski boot where the front of your foot rests. An average range market wide of approximately 95mm through 105mm provides the average user with racing snugness and high performance/responsiveness at the narrower end through to a more comfort orientated fit at the wider.

Reader Comments on Salomon Quest 14 Ski Boot 2012
Salomon Quest 14 Ski Boot 2012
Written by DynaMick on 02/11

Nice. Bought the 12’s this year and I can’t believe it’s not been done before. Tried the Virus out but couldn’t get on with them fit wise.  12 is a great boot and in my advancing years I am enjoying one less buckle. 130 is some serious flex for a boot with walk mode no? Go big or go home I guess.

Prefer the color of these to the 12.

Salomon Quest 14 Ski Boot 2012
Written by ise on 02/11

How is the range of movement on these, both fore and aft? If they (the Quests in general not just the 14) are as stiff as reported, I wonder what the uphill performance is like, unbuckled.

Sound perfect for lift served, just wondering how much of a touring boot this is - short hikes or is a day tour possible?

Salomon Quest 14 Ski Boot 2012
Written by DGeorge1979 on 02/14

Quite a bit of conflicting information doing the rounds on these. Dan & Dunc, anyone can you please clarify:

It’s my understanding that the Quest 8, 10, 12 and 14 all come with alpine DIN soles, but all, including the Quest 8, can have the soles swapped out for either replacement alpine DINs OR touring (non Dynafit compatible) pads?

I fancy the 10’s or possible the 8’s, as the 120 or 130 are too stiff for me, but just want to confirm that the swappable soles feature on every model.

Also, how come the Pro (£300) is cheaper than the 12, or is it not a linear progression (£350)?

Salomon Quest 14 Ski Boot 2012
Written by Dan Morgan on 02/15

Hey Doug,

That’s right - you can swap out the pads on all models.

With regards to price, I think you should look at the lines as the 8, 10, 12 and 14 alpine boots, and price accordingly, then look at the Pro and Pro Pebax and do the same. Both pro models of the Quest are going after much lower weight for the boots (the Pebax more than the other) but that doesn’t mean you cannot get a more expensive alpine boot.

If it helps, I am going to be picking up the 10’s myself.

You are correct on the Dynafit compatibility also.

ise - the aft movement looks decent, while the fore movement is never going to be as frictionless as a true AT boot. I’ve only tried the 10 on, never the Pro or Pebax models so they might be different.


Salomon Quest 14 Ski Boot 2012
Written by DGeorge1979 on 02/15

Danke Dan. Looking forward to a review on the Quest 10s.

Salomon Quest 14 Ski Boot 2012
Written by SkierGio on 02/23

Hands down the best looking boot in the series and even better if they are matte not glossy. Take me as you will - I think of the currently available Quest boots that the 8 is the looker. Just a shame it’s on the softer end.

I cannot see how the 12 is not enough for most skiers, I ski a 120 flex boot, but for the sake of 10 flex, I might rock these.


Salomon Quest 14 Ski Boot 2012
Written by Ciaran Lee on 03/22

I bought the quest 12 boot this winter. One of the top clips broke on the third day I used it. I reported the issue to Salomon who very kindly gave me next year’s quest 14 boot!

The boot is really nice, it’s a bit stiffer than the quest 12, but still feels very soft compared to the LAB race boots.

Unfortunately the clip also broke on the quest 14 on my third day using it. I wasn’t even doing the clip up tight.

It’s quite important for boots like these (that will be used away from the pistes) that they are highly reliable. Making one boot that is not reliable is unacceptable, making the same mistakes two years in a row is unforgivable.

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