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Salomon Rocker 2

Written by Dan Morgan, Wednesday, 01 December 2010

Salomon Rocker 2
Salomon have finally lifted the lid on the Rocker 2, the follow-up to their much praised Rocker.

The new Rocker features a full rocker shape, with an ever so subtle camber underfoot.  Solid underfoot, but softer at the tips and tails. No swallow tails any more, and the tips and tails are honeycombed and edgeless to save swing weight in what is a formidably sized ski. In reality they are quite a different beast than the original Rocker.

Don’t listen to us - Mike Douglas explains the Rocker 2 in the video below:

The Salomon Rocker 2 is available in really limited quantities as part of a pre release, but most will need to wait until next (or mid) season to rock these skis.

You’ll be able to pick them up in a decent spread of sizes:

170 (137-115-127), 180 (139-115-129), 184 (142-122-132) & 192 (144-122-134) all @ 26m.

Reader Comments on Salomon Rocker 2
Salomon Rocker 2
Written by Tish on 01/21

Sweet! About time Salomon. My Rocker originals are done after an unfortunate incident involving a rock when avoiding a cornice, so I’ve been in high anticipation on the refresh. Time to start counting those greens.

Salomon Rocker 2
Written by Vonch on 03/28

I skied the Salomon Rocker 2 at Snow Basin recently and was instantly in love.  Smooth as silk, light and really responsive.  The Rocker 2 was like no experience I have every had on a ski.  I went top to bottom (2250 feet) without stopping and zero leg fatigue and left my ski partners so far in the dust they thought I got lost.  It floated like a barge and maneuvered like a ski boat.  How is that possible?

I currently ski an Atomic Atlas (150-125-132) that I love and now have a bit of a problem.  I really wished I could have skied them both on the same day.  The Atlas is such a great stick I feel like I am cheating on my wife.  Is is wrong to own two dedicated powder boards?  Is that polygamy?  Can you only own two powder boards if you live in Utah?

Salomon Rocker 2
Written by ashley on 04/01

Where can I pick up a pair in the uk?

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