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Salomon Ski 2013

Written by Dan Morgan, Thursday, 09 February 2012

Salomon have clearly been hard at work over the past year and there is plenty of new to showcase.

Salomon Guardian

First-up is the already announced Guardian touring binding that has been developed alongside Atomic. Atomic and Salomon are stable mates in the business side, so this link up shouldn’t be surprising. This is good news for the skier, providing Marker with mainstream competition and hopefully meaning better products each year as each firm competes for market share.

Salomon Freeski - Rocker 2

On the freeski side, we wave goodbye to the Czar, the Knight, the Lord and the Sentinel as Salomon seeks to consolidate much of the range under the Rocker 2 moniker. Choose full twin rocker (40% of ski in contact with snow on edge), or directional hybrid twin rocker (tip rocker and a smidge of tail, 60% of ski in contact with snow on edge) totalling 10 Salomon freeride skis in all. The Shogun and the Geisha have survived the cull at least in name but still seem part of the range. Effectively, you decide whether you are going to be stomping landings switch in the backcountry and then you choose an apporpriate underfoot width.

Going full tilt with the Rocker 2 range means incorporating some of the best bits from the original into the range, which means less weight and synergy with the ‘hike & ride’ concept that’s so popular right now. Honeycomb and an ABS reinforced frame feature in the Salomon Rocker 2 122, Rocker 2 115, Rocker 2 108 and the Rockette 115, alongwith edge free extremities, or the idea you don’t need a heavy steel edge in the tips of your skis.

Full running list: Rocker 2 122, Rocker 2 108, Rocker 2 92, Rockette 115, Rockette 92, Rocker 2 115, Shogun, Rocker 2 90, Geisha and Rockette 90. Phew.

Salomon BBR 2013

When Salomon first dropped the BBR, you’d be forgiven for thinking there was only one model. The BBR was so different that people didn’t really see past Bertrand Krafft’s V-Shape surf inspired concept of the ski itself. For 2013, you can’t miss it as Salomon expand the range from two (the 7.9 and the 8.9) to a full range of six, to cover a full spectrum of abilities.

The new BBR 10.0 is a 100mm waisted ski (145-97-110) with a metal backbone. The BBR shape is less pronounced on the BBR 10.0 due to the extra girth in the middle so it looks more like a traditional freeride ski but the graphics are undeniably BBR. The BBR 8.9 returns unmolested (147-88-110) yet with a wider tip than it’s big mountain 10.0 brother, and the 7.9 is now the BBR 8.0 (80mm underfoot, semi sandwich construction & 140-79-102) closely followed by the BBR 7.5 (75mm underfoot, 127.5-75-93).

The BBR Sunlite (133-79-98) and BBR Skylite (127-74-91) offer ladies their own BBR options in a light and compact package.

Reader Comments on Salomon Ski 2013
Salomon Ski 2013
Written by Karen on 03/27

What is the Green BBR in the above picture? Is it a junior version?

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