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Salomon Teneighty Foil 2006

Written by Dan Morgan, Friday, 18 February 2005

The 2006 line of the classic Salomon Teneighty seems to diversify by name in this incarnation rather than just length.

The rather odd namings of "Gun", "Foil" and "Thruster" adorn the topsheets of the ski to be seen in the park with for 2005/2006.

We had expected each to be the same ski bu each with a differing length, but early indications are that each model will have more than one length each and be a model in their own rights—the Teneighty Foil will be available in 166cm, 174cm and 182cm versions with radii of (circa) 15.2, 17.6 and 20.4, sidecuts of 124-83-113, 124-85-114 and 12487-115 respectively.

A few lucky individuals may have already seen these in print, on the web or with their own eyes - our own snaps of the Foil are below - expect a full review shortly.

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