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Ski Exotic This Winter

Written by Dan Morgan, Thursday, 08 December 2005

By now, even the the most ignorant skier should know that a wealth of different skis exist outside of the production selections from the major manufacturers, right?

Luckily, even if you or someone you know doesn’t, the kind fellows over at have done the hard work for you, publishing an exhaustive list of little or lesser-known ski brands for your perusal.  Check out the site for a run down of all the brand listed below, including a short bio and country of origin.

When buying skis—you need to be informed about what is available on a global scale—make sure you know these brands exist.

Exotic Skis -

4FRNT Skis
AK Ski
Aluflex Skis
Amplid Skis & Boards
Armada Skis
Asnes Skis
Black Diamond Skis
Boheme Skis
Birdos Skis
Blade Skis
Blossom Skis
Blizzard Skis
Blue Morris Skis
Bstinger Skis
BumTribe Powder Skis
Capital Custom Skis
Circle Skis
Conte Skis
Defi Skis
Donek Skis
DP Skis
Canon Snowboards
Claw Skis
Drakeboinay custom skis
Duret Skis
Eckhard Skis
Edelwiser custom skis
Evolution Skis
Extrem skis
Faction Skis
Fat-Ypus Skis
Five Axis
G3 (Genuine Guide Gear) Skis
Germinaski Skis
Goode Skis
Hart Skis
Hendryx Skis
High Society Freeride Skis
Icelantic AT Boards
IDoneSki Skis
Igneous Skis
Indigo Freeride
Jagaball Skis
KEI-Ski Garage
Kingswood Skis
Kootenay Powdersticks
Lacroix/Lagriffe Skis (U.S.)
Lacroix Skis (France)
Liberty Skis
Line Skis
Lusti Skis
Masurao Skis
Maxel Skis
Movement Freeride Skis
Mpride "Swkal" Boards
Navaski Skis
Ninthward Skis
Odyssey Skis
Ogasaka Skis
Orion Skis
Pale Skis
Phantom Skis
Pilz (Dynasprint)
Pollux Skis
PMGear "Bro" Skis
Prajeckt Skis
Prior Skis
Pure Skis
Revolution Skis
Ridea Skis
Royal Chamonix
RTC Carving Skis
Scott Skis
ScottyBob Skis
Ski Bois Tardy
SnowRider Skis
Sporten Skis
Stockli Skis
Surface Skis
Swallow Skis
Swell Panik Snowmobards
Swoard Snowboards
The Ski
Titicaca Skis
Trab Skis
Treski (Rønning) Skis
Tua Skis
Virus Skis
Voille Skis
Wally Skis
Zai Skis
ZAG Skis
Zweydingers Skis

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