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Volkl 2012 Preview

Written by Dan Morgan, Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Volkl’s Unlimited “AC” ski range has been wildly popular over the last couple of years. Until now, Unlimited meant no rocker…

Fixing that problem for winter 2011-2012, welcome the Volkl RTM (Ride The Mountain) and wave goodbye to the Volkl Unlimited.

The top of the line RTM 84 through the 80 and 77 (all underfoot widths) and and the obvious like for like replacement for the beloved AC50, AC30 and AC20 respectively, combine a very, and we meant very low camber underfoot and full rocker at the tip and tail. We are not talking about ridiculous rocker heights, but the early rise tips and tails start very very early.

RTM 75, 74 and 73 have flatter tails, but still no massive underfoot camber, and rocker tips.

Volkl RTM 84 (think AC50) - Full rocker, 129-84-111 @ 166, 171, 176, 181
Volkl RTM 80 (think AC30) - Full rocker, wood core.
Volkl RTM 77 (think AC20) - Full rocker, wood core.
Volkl RTM 75 - Full rocker, wood core.
Volkl RTM 74 - Full rocker, wood core.
Volkl RTM 73 (think Unlimited AC) - Full rocker, composite core.

Volkl RTM 2012

Reader Comments on Volkl 2012 Preview
Volkl 2012 Preview
Written by Rick on 04/03

Had the RTM 84s out today on a demo from Rockies.  Snow was mashed potatoes and elephant snot.  Didn’t get to see how they carve, but I think they were nearly as good as my Mantras would have been in the junk.  Impressive

Get one more day tomorrow, and hopefully some ice and hard pack to try them on.  Hints of greatness in this ski, I think I am going to like them.

Volkl 2012 Preview
Written by Melvin McLeod on 09/10

I have a pair of Tigershark 12 foots, and the opportunity to buy a pair of 2011 AC 50’s at a decent price. Can anyone advise whether the AC 50’s will really offer me enough that’s different from what the Tigersharks do to make it worthwhile to have both, or am I just duplicating the same of stiff, hard-carving but not very versatile ski?. Thanks.

Volkl 2012 Preview
Written by Robert on 11/28

My wife skis the (old) AC50 in a 163, she is 5’6”. It’s her go to ski when we ski a 20% on, 80% off kind of day. It’s definitely not the easiest ski out there, but it can handle the steeps, moguls and powder decently. I don’t see how any of the new rockered skis can do moguls at all decently, certainly my Katanas don’t because they don’t have any rebound. I’m think the new Volkl code might be pretty decent, but I can’t find very much info on it. It certainly looks comparable to my old AC30 but with a slight rocker.

The AC50 is much wider underfoot than the Tigershark, which makes it handle much better in powdery conditions. The AC50 is still no powder ski though, but you can do pretty well if you have good technique.

Volkl 2012 Preview
Written by George on 11/28

Far too much marketing hype behind the Volkl Code to make it worth bothering with - when my AC50’s wear out I am going to select the equivalent RTM as a like for like replacement.

Volkl 2012 Preview
Written by Andras Bajai on 03/07

Rented the AC30 184 in Brecke Ridge, Co - was perfect off piste, on piste, good carving also at high speed. It’s the best I had during the week.

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