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Whitedot Freeride Interview

Written by Duncan Mills, Monday, 20 December 2010

After meeting cliff hucking world record holder Fred Syversen last year at the Metro Ski & Snowboard show in the UK, we wanted to find out a bit more about his new ride, Whitedot, and their square tipped skis. So, our roving reporter Duncan tracked down Whitedot Freeride MD, Andrew Plyn for a Q & A.

1. What is the main aim of Whitedot? Why “Whitedot”?

Simple really, our aim is to produce the best skis possible and we reckon we have done a pretty fine job. There are not many brands out there that would compare to the quality of our skis.

2. Currently it seems every seasons melt brings a new brand, what makes Whitedot different?

Yeah and there are a lot of great skis out there. I think in total there are over 260 ski builders/brands around the world now and it’s a bit sad that so many people only know the big ones. All the new brands are taking market share and as it’s so competitive. Everybody is pushing new technology or shapes witch is driving the industry forward at warp speed. It’s a great time to be an indie ski brand!

3. It’s commonplace for a new brand to claim to take skiing forward, but how do Whitedot actually plan to do this?

We’re already on the tip of the wave with our ski shapes. The Redeemer is pretty cutting edge and we’ve taken some of that design and added it to the Ragnorok plus more.

We’re always going to be at the lip of the wave or ahead of it because its exciting and fun which is why we do it.

4. You have a nice team, what level of input do they have in the design of the range?

Loads of input. To date I’ve designed the skis but then they go to the team and my business partners who are also great riders and they give the feedback and advise tweaks to get the skis perfect.
Fred designed his first pro model with my help which we think rocks and we’re really excited to have Eva on the team now for another top level skiers input.

5. I love the graphics, fresh and simple. Can you run us through your range?

Thanks, there are too many out of this world graphics around eh. We’re about great skis, not skulls and things.

The Ragnarok XII

The Ragnarok is all about travelling at mach speed on any sort of terrain; the ski is a pure big mountain gun designed to handle any snow conditions at any speed. A stiff charging ski with an impressive high speed edge hold though with a 300mm tip rocker for maximum floatation in the freshest powder.
The Ragnarok is for riders pushing the limits of big mountain riding, a ski that likes speed and extreme lines for free skiing and free ride competition.

The Redeemer

If charging bowls of fresh powder or hucking cliffs is your thing, then this is the ski you need! The Redeemer is Whitedot’s flag ship ski; born out of collaboration with pro riders from Chamonix, Mayrhofen and Verbier. Truly a rider influenced design, these planks will put a grin from ear to ear on almost any back country rider hitting the powder.
Massive amounts of float with a fully rockered tip and tail, whilst retaining the trademark Whitedot full-length torsional stiffness to deliver a fully versatile powder ski.

The Preacher

The ultimate all-mountain fat ski that gives massive amounts of float in the fresh, though the positive camber and full length torsional stiffness allows for an incredible edge hold on even the hardest of pistes.
Designed with a 155 wide tip allowing for a weight forward stance for ease of turn initiation and contact point forward tapered tip to avoid hooking in the soft stuff.
From tree runs to the biggest back bowls to the last piste home, these skis will put a grin on your face!

The One

The One is the ultimate all-rounder; pure all-mountain freestyle perfomance which carves fantastically on the piste though man enough to tackle deep powder and the rough stuff.
The ample side cut and torsional rigidity grips the walls of the pipe, whilst also allowing you to ride the whole mountain knowing that you are stable at speed.
With its 175mm long tip and tail, 119/89/113mm dimensions and relatively stiff construction, the One is a truly versatile ski for all terrain and conditions.

6. Which one do you ride?

Redeemeers for the big days and Preachers every other.

7. I have noticed you don’t have a preferred binding, is this due to the fact that your target customers know their gear?

Not really. We had the intention of having a re-branded Tyrolia binding but then thought, everyone knows it’s a Tyrolia and after all we’re a ski company so lets stick to skis. We still partner with Tyrolia and offer the Peak15 to out Distributors and retailers.

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Whitedot Freeride Interview
Written by James Hillared on 01/23

Whitedot’s rock, can’t believe the quality of the Redeemer!  The guy at White Dot USA is super cool, gave me 10% off and free shipping.

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